Started playing again! :)

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    I was one of those guys who really waited for Diablo 3, played it a lot until I got fed up with inferno on my second character (which happens to be a monk, demon hunter was my first). My PC wasn't handling Diablo 3 so well, I had some microstutter during the more combat heavy situations which made it almost impossible the progress act 2.

    Now I've started playing a bit more, quite enjoying the Monster Power and Paragon levels giving me something to play for and making it challenging. There's been quite a few changes since I last played, hence I made this thread: to ask if there are any tips you guys can give me, for example..

    1. Are there any amazing items (legendaries/set items) I should look after/hunt?

    2. Any good farming techniques/routes/tips now with that Paragon levels & MP are in the game?

    3. Anything I can improve on my monk? EU fuzzywuzzy#2681 is my tag, can't post any links yet.

    4. Ubers? Infernal machine? What are those about? I tried searching the forums to no avail, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, I would highly appreciate it.

    5. Any other major changes that I should know about?
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    Welcome back to d3...I recently started playing again as well...To answer your questions...

    1.) Inna┬┤s (monk set) is realy good in terms of armor. You can get the helm and belt kinda cheap. In terms of weps afaik echoing fury is still a good choice.

    2.) Get a helm with a socket for a ruby to max your xp. If you run at least mp1 it doesnt matter which act you are going for. All mobs are lv63 and so loot and xp is the same regardless the act. I like mixing my runs between all 4 acts so im not going to be bored kinda fast by just farming one act over and over again.

    3.) Get boots with movementspeed since it speeds up your farming/xp grinding alot. Might think about switching resolve for fleet footed passive.

    4.) A good link to start with http://www.diablo3fa...ywardens-where/

    5.) Just read the patch notes and afaik you are good.
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    Get a Skorn with LS and good crit dmg. You'll get more DPS and survivability for alot less gold than onehanders.

    Other than that Inna's are good, Natalya's boots + ring is good. Run the Alkhaizer route on MP0/1/2 (depending on your DPS) for maximum xp. Using a Tempest Rush build and a ring+helmet with spirit regen you can get unlimited TR.
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    Step away from Skorn, twohanders won't generate enough spirit to maintain 100% uptime on mantra spam and while nice on paper(doll) the real dps is far behind two onehander.


    You might want to reconsider that whole physical resist thing, it's the most expensive resist choice by far. Other than that you're already on a good route, keep looking for reasonable upgrades with more stats and some sockets, an additional dps stat on gloves/jewelry and you're ready to proceed to the next level.

    I'd get rid of that Andariels, whiel some haste and crit are fine yours also increases your fire damage taken by 25% - that's huge especially since fiery chains and molten are probably your weak spots.

    On paragon: just keep playing, game after game. Skip areas with monster you don't like to much and prefer act 3 over the other ones due to higher mob density. Play on lower monsterpower (0-1) to kill stuff faster, that's more xp/hour.
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    Thanks, I grabbed a couple of pieces to Inna's set, I lost some resist but my DPS went up by a good 25%. Also socketed a ruby (+21% XP) to my Inna's helmet, thanks for that.

    I've never been a fan of 2 handers. I think I'll stick with my dualwield build. Thanks anyways

    What exactly do you mean by physical resist being most expensive? I didn't really think of it when I started focusing on physical resist (towards One with Everything), I just had a lot of physical resist on my current items and went on from that. Do you mean people value physical resist over the others, hence the price goes up?

    I already got Inna's 2set (decent belt & head) and Echoing Fury with 1050dps/600loh from auction house, as Shinna1989 suggested. Keeping my eye on a second one, trying to outbid it.

    Replaced my Andariel's with the Inna's helmet, even though I could easily tank 1 patch of Molten on MP4. I even hit the enrage timer on the Butcher, but survived on the fire floor for a good 15% of his HP thanks to a good usage of cooldowns.

    One more question: Is the infernal machine, the uber bosses involved in it or the Hellfire ring with dexterity/vitality worth actually farming for?

    Thanks for the tips Shinna1989, Fesan & ballon, much appreciated!
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    Physical damage is probably the biggest damage source in the game and if a DH can't get all resist they try to get at least physical resist to counter reflect damage. It also allows high end monks to drop one with everything passives and still breeze through the game - it's the most expensive single resist by far, followed by fire with a huge gap.

    Please notice that you can only wear one legendary at a time, a second Echoing Fury won't do you any good.

    The Hellfire Ring is worth farming for, yes. It has high amount of base dex and that added experience bonus won't hurt either. For tougher opponents you can still swap to an alternative ring - but you don't have any really good jewelry yet so it should be an upgrade anyway.
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    link to his monk:

    you'r plvl 9 (right now), you can and will get the easy levels pretty fast - so farm for them. get a higher %xp gem in your helm for that :)

    837 ar
    36,3k hp
    47.5k dps (shown in profile...)

    your next upgrades should be higher dps - you dont want to expand on monster-power right now, since it doesnt really make sense. try to farm the lower levels (1-2) for a lot of xp. act3 is nice for that, if you want to, farm a hellfire-ring first - they are generally quite good and have a nice potential.
    for general farming, you want to upgrade your crit%, then crit-damage everywhere. crit% is easy, just get it everywhere you can ;) critamage should at first come from you'r weapons, you will have to update both. lower weapon-dps is fine, if you can't afford it - you will get higher dps-values. use a damage-calculator for upgrades. damage equals farmspeed (and fun ;) ).
    dont lose too much survival - though your resists are quite high. (you can drop resists on high-dps slots like rings or gloves or amulet, to gain more dps for your gold). if you want to go for higher monster-power, you'll need a lot of healing, but that's rather far away, so stick to dps, farmspeed and just enough survival, but not more :)

    hope it helped :)
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    Man, it's rather annoying now that you mentioned. :/

    Should've looked after better critical damage weapons, instead of general DPS/life on hit. How do you survive with the 250ish life on hit you have on your monk?
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    i rely on healing through globe-heal and pickup radius (5000 / 7yard works wonders) if i'm farming alone.
    on higher monsterpower or in the infernal machine, i sometimes swap to a life on hit + lifeleach weapon, so heal up or tank.

    i like really fast farming on lower monster-power, so it works really good for me :) ultimately, i'd want some lifesteal with my dps, but it's too expensive right now and i'm fine without... :)
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