help me break 80k dps

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    updated, 91k now
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    You could improve that rare ring (offering low crit chance and damage) and your offhand has no dex on it but to see huge improvements you probably have to step up and aim for more weapon dps as well (close to 1000) which sadly cost a fortune or aim for trifecta jewelry/gauntlets but those aren't cheap either.

    Ps: come on, you blow a shitload of gold on your gear and that belt isn't even worth 100k.
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    the belt that i m using is found, and only for mf farming
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    Quote from ballon

    Ps: come on, you blow a shitload of gold on your gear and that belt isn't even worth 100k.

    word^^but y better weapons with higher base dmg, also maybe some cdmg amulet. rare could be uppgraded as well.
    for the belt maybe witching hour if it fits in ur budget.
    maybe shoulders could use a uppgrade as well
    only suggestions ;)

    always happy to help/inform
    ingame or here ;)
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    I notice you have no +Attack Speed on your gear, You can get 250+dex gloves with AS & CritChance pretty cheap, if you want CritDmg the the price goes through the roof. Also OH ring could be improved and perhaps your neck also. Your belt could also do with a change too.. get one with at least your chosen resist on and get rid of those vit gems in your legs for dex
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    i have a belt thats like 150+ dex, double resist, vit and life %, but mf belt is fine for mp4 or mp5 elite farming

    upgrading ring is a viable option, might want to try to get a 6% crit ring

    i've been trying to get a 950+ dps black dmg weapon, with 2.6 + life steal and crit dmg, but those sells for too expensive

    i just upgraded my shoulder last night, 172 dex, double resist, vit, life % and 15mf, not shown yet
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    MH missing a socket and as mentioned your rings arent that good either try to get avrage dmage + crit and crit damage rings just buy upgrading those slots I am sure you can break that 80k you want !
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    thx for the advice

    MH is WKL, it has 2 rolls only unfortunately, 1st roll is 2.7 ls, second roll is 100% chd,
    having a socket on this weapon means that it will miss either one of the above mentioned, reason i use this is for the 19% more damage on FoT and SW:cyclone.

    right now, if i use my crit dmg hellfire ring, and a non-mf belt, i m sitting at 68k unbuff, though the 19% extra dmg is not displayed on profile

    however, sometimes I see ppl's profile with worse gears than me, but still does about the same damage or more, that makes me wonder what did I miss, I guess i am gonna shoot for a ring that has + dmg, dex, vit, fr, 6% crit to boost more crit, and eventually get a hellfire ring with 6% crit ;)
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    WKL only seems to beat other weapons with base crit damage + socket roll, leaving you with lifesteal/life on hit on your other weapon of choice. Else it has really problems competing, that +x% lightning skills only counteract a regular crit gem at your current gearlevel. Probably only comes out ahead at really high base dps after all.
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    Belt, Chest + Hellfire Ring are your Weak Spots it seems.

    Mainhand could be better too.

    Get more Haste.
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    at 75k dps now, upgraded my gems and got a sick rolled hellfire ring, profile not up to date it seems

    as for WKL mainhand, i kinda need the lifesteal on both weapon for a total of 5.4% in order to sustain, as i only have 400 loh right now

    i m thinking of upgrading the other ring, to 6% double crit, avg dmg, and also maybe get a boot with around 230 dex
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    good ideas... but in regards to your WKL MH, if u had enough dps u wont need the life steal from ur main hand, find one with 70+crit damage and socket a 90%. gloves and boots are both dex slots up to 300 and it seems ur only at 150 on each... thats like having an off piece with 100dex.. so ur ideas for better boots is a great idea. the easiest way to get max DPS is trifector slots because they scale better then even main stats... so rings amulet and gloves +crit +critdamage +attack speed. your ouroboros only has crit.... and ur hellfire needs at least crit or attack speed
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    Quote from khanate

    I notice you have no +Attack Speed on your gear

    thats a very good point. evening out trifector boosts dps more then just focusing on 2 out of the 3... that said, in order of effectiveness: crit>critdamage>attackspeed
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    i m currently equipping cc/chd hellfire ring, profile isn't up to date yet

    AS on inna's i guess..

    i m using wothf for 15% AS boost :)
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    @ 78k, almost there!

    got another 100m last night, by selling my hardcore gold for softcore gold

    i m thinking of getting a 230dex+ fire walker with all resist, vit, and 6% crit ring, fr dex vit

    what to get next?
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    I would upgrade the amulet to an attack speed + crit chance one. That should get you over 80k. With 5.4% LS you shouldn't need LoH.
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    got new neck, 47m
    nats ring with loh, 20m
    nats boot 25m

    now i m at 91 dps

    have 99m gold remaining

    maybe a witching hour next?
    100k my next step!
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    Here is a senario for some possible end-game setup for monk with set or legendary.

    Helm = Inna Radiance
    Legs = Inna Temperance
    Shoulder = Vile Ward
    Brace = Lacuni
    Boots = Mountain Climber
    Belt = Witch Hour
    MH = Echo Fury, Shelong, AZQ, etc.

    EF offers the higher DPS but needs to control the feared mobs.

    We can take rare for jewel, OH, glove and chest, as set or legendary might not be better for those slots.

    Yes, eventually you have to get WH belt, but if I were you, I'd get VW or MC first for shoulder and boots first.
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    i think i m set on amulet and rings

    i m thinking of witching hour as well, for example, the if the roll is 80+ dex, 80+ vit, 40+ fire reist, 9% ias 45% chd, the effective dps will be around 4000, assume using a 150 dex belt double resist, but losing a lot of EPH and costs a fortune

    i might consider weapons though, maybe a 1100+ dps main hand fist with 90+ crit and life steal, though it might not be reachable
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    also look for advice on how stay alive in mp10 skele king
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