Guide: How to gear your monk step by step 60k dps easymode act3

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    A little lifesteal did a huge difference. I switched my off hand to one with 3% lifesteal (-3000 dps, +1200 hp), changed my playstyle a little and now I'm farming act3. It's not the quickest runs but they're doable.

    I'm currently bidding on a ring with 300 LoH and a pair of shoulders with 7y+ pickup-radius those will boost my survivability eve more.
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    i thought u already had pickup radius dude, if u had it then u might not needed lifesteal as much. U only going to drop your dps by adding loh. Keep working on getting your dps higher.

    lifesteal+pickupradius should be enough unless u play like a moron hehe
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    You have 10 yards already which should be fine with +10k life globe.

    No harm to get more if it is not at a cost to make the best use of +10k life globe.

    50k DPS, 600 resist and 40k HP are all starting stats to farm A3, and a bit more on one stat ,in particular, DPS helps a lot.

    With some LS and LOH, you won't die so easily, and watch out for life regen on some items, it helps too.
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    Just got a good item and was wondering how much dps you think I can get while maintaining enough EHP to survive without playing like a moron. Budget is 550m.

    Edit: also keeping in mind the new difficulty levels and maybe getting 60-70k hp and 900-1k resists to be safer at higher levels.
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    Thanks for the guide.

    Been slowly working on my Monk again after taking a few months off. Increased my dps about 7k+ over last week since starting again thanks to your post.

    Do you folks think I should get rid of one of my 1h weaps for something better?
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    againstme, you have so high resists I think it's hurting your DPS at only 20k.... and i thought my DPS was already low for Act3.
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    At the moment i run with 31khp and 440 resist but maxed runspeed. Resist helps vs casters, but casters are easy to kill and also easy to avoid by not standing still in one spot too long. I always kill casters first, since they hurt me and melee mobs don't.
    If u play good and try to avoid getting hit too much, then u don't need much resist, and if u have alot of dps, then these type of mobs will die very fast also.
    Last point is that u will have much easier time buying gear not having to stack resist too high.

    With 550million? U should easily be able to reach 150k dps unbuffed.. U buy all this gear for 60k dps 40 mill, after that its 50mill per piece for upgrades, meaning u have money for 10 upgrades of 50 mill. U should be able to buy best of the best. Some will be 100mill for big dps grades.

    its best to wait on patch or review, since its hard to know how much resist will be needed, its also possible that farming at too high levels will be too slow, because of crazy health. I also don't think higher levels will be very rewarding, I think dps will still be most important and the lower monsterlevels will be farmed. I doubt the rewards at highest level will be decent enough for it
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    Tons of information. Thanks.
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    I followed this guide finally getting the funding and I am finally trying out Act 3 and I am getting wasted by almost every elite mob. I'm almost positive it isn't my playstyle, but Idk what I need to do.

    My current stats:
    DPS: 67300 (crit chance 39% crit dmg ~320%)
    Health: 38.4k
    Resist: 590
    Armor: 5000
    Pickup-radius: 7y
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    Do u have lifesteal or loh on a weapon? One of your weapons needs to have health return like lifesteal or some loh. Otherwise your indeed gonna have a harder time. If u have that on your weapon and still die, then your not playing good enough...Any other itemslot that can provide 200-300 loh is also good. The hard part is finding a decent weapon or item u not gonna need to replace soon.

    But still when playing good, u don't even need that, just makes it easier. Can play more aggressive.

    Your probably getting killed by reflective damage i think, alot of elites have it, and without lifesteal, some loh, u gonna beat yourself dead pretty easy at high dps, its less a problem at lower dps. At high dps reflective damage can get dangerous.

    Otherwise i wouldnt really know what hard, with that dps it takes 5 seconds to kill an elite, so serenity +blind + heal+ potion, should be more then enough to kill an elite or all even when they grouped up fast.

    Besides that are u using blind+sweeping winds combo, since damage sux without sweeping winds, that stuff is brutal. U wanne attack elites, get enough spirit, pop blind when needed, then pop sweeping winds within the 3 seconds its active for an extra 30% damage. This does so much damage u should really pown them hard.

    Are u killing minions first, or focusing on 1 elite.

    The only things that can give trouble in act3 is phasebeasts with molten, stand your ground and nuke like mad, popping cooldowns and its a short fight, u live or die. No need to try to run, they'll pown u anyway.

    succubus with molten is annoying, since u need to avoid molten + firebals, takes time, but with serenity up u should kill some during that time.

    blood clan pigs: very dangerous, they shoot fireballs fast, and even non-elites can rape u good. But elites can oneshot u easy if fireballs hit u. Versus casters always keep moving and don't let their fireballs hit u too many a time. In small places were they spawn u better get your serenity rdy.

    troll like casters, easier, their fireballs move slow, still need to pay attention,to many hits at once can still gib u

    dragon birds that shoot fireballs, also dangerous, espcially with illusionists, so many fireballs. Need to play realy good and run in a circle and kill as many as u can with your cd's up when they land.

    big fat mommas: they hit like a truck, so nuke and run and nuke hard when your cd's are up. Easy with enough health, then u won't get oneshot easy. If u don't pay attention, big momma will own u

    roguetype things in the cave, their frontal attack does serius damage, again use cooldowns, they should be dead fast, otherwise wait till your cd's are back, as they can suddenly pown u fast.

    monkeys : they move fast and do quite some damage, only annoying with molten when they jump everywhere, they die pretty fast during cooldowns tho.

    cleaver guys with big axes, pay attention one hit can oneshot u, one hit is prob around 28k health,if u let too many hit u, u drop fast. They are slow, so if u don't fight them grouped up withouth cd u should be fine

    elephants mobs with their shields, these are just nasty, in the open, in small places they easy to kill.

    can't remember any other type of elite that can be a problem. they are all easy to handle if u know to watch out for it, but if your careless they will still pown u hard. Some elites u kite a bit, other elites u don't wanne kite..

    Also when your fightning an elite pack, make sure no normal casters are alive shooting at u, because they hurt also and u drop fast when 1 fireball hits, so if u get a couple your way, your in trouble.

    Overal, im guessing reflective damage is your problem, with that dps, can't really see whats the problem, unless your using a weak build.
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    Following the previous post, with your stats only reflected damage and thorn can give you trouble.

    Your're fine except you need some life leech and/or life regen to enhance survivability for various situations.

    I have 500 LOH on my amulet, and LOH and LS become even more valuable in 1.0.5, as ML is just like a super multi-player game.
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    Nice guide. Thanks!
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    Quote from coolstorybroz

    Just got a good item and was wondering how much dps you think I can get while maintaining enough EHP to survive without playing like a moron. Budget is 550m.

    Edit: also keeping in mind the new difficulty levels and maybe getting 60-70k hp and 900-1k resists to be safer at higher levels.

    I have killed all the bosses on MP10 rather comfortably. 50k hp, 700 resist, 5k armor are nice solid numbers to aim for with 160k dps (buffed) using a cyclapviction build. With those stats DPS will still be the most important improvement for enrage timers unless grouped. You would need one lifesteal weapon and close to 1000 LoH to be comfortable, 500ish might be managable. At that level two lifesteal weapons may be enough (reflect damage seems to be the hardest thing to heal through).
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    This was one of the most helpful threads I read about gearing for act 3 inferno
    Thanks for the info.
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    Quote from againstme

    Thanks for the guide.

    Been slowly working on my Monk again after taking a few months off. Increased my dps about 7k+ over last week since starting again thanks to your post.

    Do you folks think I should get rid of one of my 1h weaps for something better?

    Can I make a suggestion? Swap the two high quality gems in your pants with the ones in your weapons! The loss of a little Dex won't hurt you that much, but the gain in DPS is gonna be huge. Give it a try :)
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    Can someone give me some advice on my next upgrade. got 6 mil to spend. Terdroblade#2988
    ty in advance
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    i'd replace that black treasure ring and after that work on better double resist pieces (more resists on shoulder + belt, more stats on pants + chest).
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    Hi. I've been seeing a lot of gear suggestions here that are very helpful. I'm still a relative noob though. I didn't start playing until after 1.0.4. I've sort of plateaued a little bit after using this guide. I survive in Act3 ok, but just take forever to kill things.

    General stats (unbuffed no follower):
    DPS: 37.9K
    Life: 38.3K
    Res; 660
    Armor: 4851

    Gold (perhaps the most important): ~6 mil.

    Basic sweeping winds/thunderclap build.

    Battletag is chgreer#1783

    http:// us. battle. net /d3/en/profile/chgreer-1783/hero/25323151

    Any tips on what I should upgrade next? All thoughts would be appreciated.
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    hi delilah

    you are at a really nice point of the monk ;)
    just upgrade your dps from now on while keeping your defense the same. you can just buy items with status-quo-defense and more dps.
    that sounds easier than it is... your dps is quite low.
    on the lon run you'll do the following for bugdet reasons: try to get more dps on big-dps items (weapons, gloves, amulet(yours is nice), rings, and more crit on the helm) while gettin more defense on all the other items (double resists, vitality, not too much dex for budget reasons). im running with ~450 resists, 39k hp, ~100k dps (my resists are quite low, but everything just dies too fast for me to die...)

    for your gear, i'd upgrade mainhand (i searched for 200+ dex, socket, then buy the most dps you can afford), gloves (only dps, switch the defense to other items if you can, they hold a lot of dps), 2+% crit on helm, rings (if you can switch the defense to other items, you have nice defensive rings. you cant keep the defense if you want dps on that slow because its too expensive)

    i take pickupradius (5-7y) + globeheal (5k+) for healing, because good gear with LoH/LS is not really efficient for the price. you'll farm faster with buying more dps.

    hope this helped :)

    //edit: get an xp gem and paragon levels ;)
    and: use a damage calculator to find the best dps-items for your budget!!!!!
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    Thanks for the tips, Bananaramaaah, I'll start looking tomorrow. I know I need to start adding dps, I was just kind of lost at where to start. The status-quo defense+dps upgrade items are expensive!

    I guess it pays off in faster farming, though.
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