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    So I have been lurking in the forum for awhile now and decided after unsuccessful attempts at improving my monk I need some advice on boosting mine. I will upgrade the ammy and rings come patch time but I need some help. Budget is around 100 mil.

    Monk here: en/profile/DontBlink-1495/hero/5400313

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I would like to upgrade survivability and dps moving forward.

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    You could try to get a nice echoing fury (dex, 1k+ dps, socket) and replace your off hand (the fist weapon).

    Then I guess there's some room for improvement on the bracers (dex + more crit) and on the belt (maybe get vit + life% here, so you can put proper gems in the pants). You might also benefit from some more attack speed. Finally the jewelry, but as you said, wait for patch.
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    Thank you for the reply, your character Vin is one that I have admired. Have you been able to attempt your monk on the PTR? I am curious but never got the chance to try my character out. Wife and family are higher on the priority list.

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    500 LoH will not cut it come PTR time, I imagine a faster weapon or attack speed would do good things.

    EF would make a great weapon for speed and damage but I highly recommend lifesteal on at least one weapon.

    I've always considered the convenience of pickup radius on one item required. Take it or leave it.
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    Quote from SgtZeal


    Thank you for the reply, your character Vin is one that I have admired. Have you been able to attempt your monk on the PTR? I am curious but never got the chance to try my character out. Wife and family are higher on the priority list.


    Dear Zakarumite, "Cantor" is a title, just like "Zakarumite." I always considered it bad design to put the title above the avatar, where one might expect a name.

    In any case, I did have some time to waste on the PTR. Overall I was doing fine, though for higher monster levels (6+) my defenses are a bit weak.
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    I would have to agree with you on the forum design. Thank you for bringing that to my attention as I would have never known. I do have a nice fist weapon that has slightly less DPS but 800+ loh some crit chance and socket. Maybe that will help my survivability with increasing the MP but seeing your defense of 7k compared to my of 5k has me worried about increasing the MP. It looks like its going to be hard to compete with those barbs. Looking forward to after work today and trying out the new patch.

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    First a couple points: With the patch coming out today, there will be a significant influx of players, so the AH will see a major boost of stuff coming on, AND people BUYING items. Prices will likely be all over the map for a couple days, so you'll have chances to get some awesome gear for cheap if you get lucky timing.

    From what I've experienced on the PTR, imho here's some general goals for doing well on MP7+:
    • Get to 100k + dps
    • Get 45k+ HP
    • Keep 600-650 resist (more is OK, but will come with a high price while gaining DPS)
    • Decent armor (forget actual value here).
    • Get 2.7+ Life Steal + 600-1200 Life On Hit. (can get double life steal and drop most of the LoH, but will be expensive on both weapons).
    So, 100 million, when spent properly, can definitely get you to the above (I was able to get there with less than 100 million, but has taken alot of time and AH sniping).

    • Swap +XP gem to +Life % gem in helm. You will likely be able to run MP 2-3 at the same pace you could run Act 3 in 1.0.4, so you'll gain 20-30 XP% from the MP2-3, and can get more HP from the helm (and then be able to replace the gems in your pants).
    • Get 2.7 Life Steal on one of your weapons while keeping close to the same DPS you show now.
    • On rings, keep similar stats to what you show (crit + resist + vit/life %) but Add either AIS, or High Average damage
    • On Amulet, try to maintain 500+ LoH and get high Average damange, high Crit %, AIS OR Crit Dmg, Single resist (this will take resist pressure off of bracers to allow you to go to single resist and get much higher dex + crit %)
    • Swap bracers to 150+ Dex, 5.5+ crit, single resist, vit.
    • Pick up a nice set of Vile Wards for shoulders: 170+ Dex, Vit/Life %, Double resist
    The above is just my opinion of course, concerning specific upgrades.

    The one thing I would REALLY recommend is laying out a specific plan on what to look for on what items (similar to above), then just keep a VERY close eye on the AH for the next few days for those items. You'll likely find some amazing deals as new items start to flood the AH before the market re-stabilizes.

    Edited for clarity.
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    First off, I think your monk is pretty good.

    Turdragin said something about more lifegain and i agree that is useful, especially in a few hours when the patch is applied and you want to attempt higher monster power. The advice he gives above seems more or less correct.

    One of the problems you are probably running into is that because all your gear is "good" or "very good" the last stage of upgrading to "elite" type gear is extremely costly.

    The top upgrades on the AH will often cost hundreds of millions. 4 piece inna's, 2-3 piece Natalya's, vile ward, witching hour, echoing fury, a top won khim lau. Those are the types of items you should be looking for at this point (not all of those since some contradict), but that type level.

    Its tough to improve on what is good already (and will always get tougher and tougher), but this is why we play. so we can continually strive to be the best we can be.
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