Help me fix my monk :(

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    Hey guys I'd love some help with my monk.

    I've read all around and trying to get dex, vit, pois res, all res, crit dmg, crit chance and god knows what else to be able to kill something and still be alive is getting really confusing.

    All advice welcome

    Thanks in advance
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    What type of problems are you having? What act are you working on? a few more details would help.

    Your resist is a little low, but not bad. I found that 700 made A3 a lot easier.
    Your LOH is a little low, but not bad. I found that 800-1000 worked best for me.
    Your Dex is a little low, but not bad.

    All in all. With that gear you should be easily farming in A2 and progressing in A3.
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    It would help if you explained a bit more what you are trying to do and what you are having problems with

    34k health and 460 resists are not enough for act 3, except if you have crazy high dps (which you don't). The old Inna set is also quite bad, really...
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    Maybe my guide will help you getting started.
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    Im stuck at the bridge at act 3. I find my health drops way too fast and maybe im a bit low on the damage side.

    I've found all kinds of builds from no LoH just raw DPS to high LoH and less DPS. Which would be the way to go?

    I mean aren't monks supposed to not only take damage but to deal it as well?

    Thanks for all your suggestions
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    Quote from TheSleek

    Im stuck at the bridge at act 3. I find my health drops way too fast and maybe im a bit low on the damage side.

    Your gear is not good enough for that area. There are various mobs there that throw fire balls, and I would guess with your current health and resists, they two-shot you.

    Get rid of that old Inna's set, get your resists up (around 600 is fine these days), get your health up (40k)... you can also just stack vit or resists, whatever you like...
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    Step1: Buy a new neck with at least 5% crit chance and 50 crit hit dmg and some dex/vit. This wont cost more then like 4 or maybe 5mil
    Step2: Upgrade your gem for mainhand to at least 70% crit gem.
    Step3: Switch the loh gem in your offhand for an emerald as well. Put the old gem in your helm for a bit more %life.
    Step4: Get better shoulders. Yours are realy low on dex. Try to get at least like 120 for this slot
    Step5: Replace belt and bracers with items havin similar/better stats and vit on top.
    Step6: Replace the %life gem for a ruby to get bonus xp for paragon grinding.
    Step7: Replace your rare ring. Its just awful
    Step8: Replace mainhand. Get a wep with high(er) dps and dex+socket.
    Step9: Replace offhand. U want a fast offhand(like yours) with high dex, crit dmg, maybe either loh or life leech and open socket.
    Step10: Replace remaining parts of your gear as u can afford it. The old inna´s isnt great but seems your current set depends heavy on the vit from your current inna´s chest.

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    Thanks both of you! I'll take your recommendations into account!
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    dude, u have no vitality, u have no crit chance and u have not crit damage, making u basicly a turd to be eaten by monsters hehe

    read some threads on gearing a monk because that gear is abysmal i have better gear in my bags, u from europe?
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    I got 220 res and 30k hp with 0 life on hit and im doing fine. Thou i got 97k unbuffed dps and using life steal. Have no problems with anything.
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    So its either LoH or LS? Are there any monks doing fine through all inferno with out any of those two?
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    Quote from TheSleek

    So its either LoH or LS? Are there any monks doing fine through all inferno with out any of those two?

    Plenty. As you get higher dps you can rely on the health globes that monsters drop. Around the 50k or so mark you can just get som pickup radius on your gear and soak those orbs in.
    With even higher dps you can kind of get rid of even that and just burst through everything in 1 serenity, but thats when you get to around 100k unbuffed dps.

    As for your monk your hp is hideously low. As for your resists, well, they would be fine if you had 8x your dps to go with it. Upgrades for your shoulders, hands and boots shouldn't be too hard to find. Shoulders and boots focus on defensive, and go as much offence on the gloves as you can afford
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    Quote from TheSleek

    So its either LoH or LS? Are there any monks doing fine through all inferno with out any of those two?

    Yes. But don't try that until you got 50-60k dps, otherwise it's not fun. Below 30-40k dps you want LoH, LS is useful later once your dps is higher, since it scales with damage.
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    To get more gold ,and buy gear make you stronger:)
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    Did some changes, could I get you guys to take a look at this again? At least i finally managed to kill Diablo lol.

    Thank you for your time
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    Your resistances seem to be in a really good place at the moment. The hp is still a bit low, not so low that it isn't manageable, but still a bit low. Shoulders and helm (second ring as well, but you have good resistances on that one, so I would keep it) seem like the best places to pull that out. Keep the good stats (res + dex) and add on vit on your new items and you have a solid monk.

    Feel free to add me ingame if you have any more questions though (my profile and battletag is in my signature)
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    200 LoH is way too low. You should also try a lil more resists, monks doesn't really have all that high killing speed (just look at paragon progression :P) but should easily survive some of the most dangerous mobs in the game with ease.
    Also, you have quite low armor. 10 Armor = 1 All resistance, so you should try to get some more of it, as it will also greatly boost your survival.
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    Which profile did you look at Shanto? He has 700+ all resist with OwE, and 6% life steal. Looks fine to me.

    Overall I like your gear. If you want to go towards higher DPS, you will need to shuffle around some things. I would probably start by getting more dex (and vit or resist) on the amulet, in addition to crit/crit. You are getting a lot of health and resists from the second ring, but that is one of the few armor pieces where you can get a lot of DPS, e.g. crit/crit damage or crit damage/ias rings are not too expensive. Try to get some + damage also, it can add quite a bit of damage.
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    why you no have mantra of conviction - can't have any other mantra if you want to farm efficiently.
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    Depending on Play style, A3 farming is doable at 45k+ dps.

    For easy going, you should have at least 600 AR and 6k armor.

    As for life sustanability, you can have a combination of LOH, LS, life globe and LAK.

    As you;ve got more gold to boost DPS, you try to get more LS, which goes very well with DPS, and at the same time AR, armor and life sustain elements can be gradually reduced to further boost DPS.

    This is for 1.0.4, and some revision might be needed for 1.0.5.
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