Help in Gearing my monk, part 3

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    My weapons are already quite great (only some holy dmg that goes well with the Inna belt).

    Its not going well with innas belt...ONLY the pysical min dmg of the wep gets boosted. No matter if its holy or fire elemental dmg. You need weps without any kind of elemental dmg to max the dmg from "adds x% to elemental dmg". Thats why your offhand isnt that great when using innas belt.

    Echoing fury is great cuz the x.xx aps from the wep gets applied to the offhand as well and is a huge dps boost. Depending on your current gear its worth like +15% ias which is worth like 2 items with ias on em.

    1. So Echoing Fury is a good off-hand not main hand. I should look for crit dmg and socket in it and not worry about it's actual damage, am I right?

    Not sure if echoing fury is a good choice for you atm. Using it as an offhand leaves you without loh on that slot. Since you have loh on amu and the skullgrasp it should work for you. But even a low dps rolled echoing with ccd and open socket cost a shitload of gold. Thats the reason why i went for weps just with open socket and without ccd on em. ;) Works for me but might not work for you since you have ZERO ccd on both rings and your amu.

    What i realy wanted to say is that the innas belt wouldnt be much an upgrade like you expect it. ;) Maybe its best to just save your gold an wait for 1.05 and then gear up further.
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    Thank you for all your help Shinna1989.

    One question: what does ccd come from? :D
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    You are welcome.

    CritiCal Hit Damage :)
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