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    So i've been playing D3 since release as a monk so I know the in's and out's of the class fairly well. I am farming Act 3 will ease but I am wondering how to really increase my dps without buying ludicrously expensive gear. I read lots of mink forums and what not and see these monks with asininely high dps (100k, 130k) and they don't have much more dex/crit/crit dam than I do. I do notice their weapons have much higher dps than mine. I am wondering if this is the cause of my mid range dps. I can get it up to 83kish with all my buffs going but thats still all buffed up.

    Profile: Healsbrewery-1406

    some of my gear is left over from a physical resist set I was running earlier, like my amulet, but an equal replacement is absurdly costly.

    Some stats:
    40% crit
    401% crit dam
    618 resists

    My survival stats are good enough to only need a self heal, health pot and random health globes for most packs and mobs. When I need more I just use the Won Kihm Lau over there with 2.5% LS and loh gem and the shield. I did have an Andariel's visage drop with loads of dps increases but no vit or resists, so that was just sold.

    I am wondering if i should drop some crit dam for attack speed or if I really just need weps with closer to 1k dps on them. I have tried various dps spreadsheets but they don't seem to really give me any good answer on huge dps increases from my current state.

    Thanks for the suggestions if you have any, this is just curiosity on how to get to ~100k dps to make runs faster and more rewarding.
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    yea man your weapons need some serious upgrades your mh has a ton of dex and bout the same crit as you would get with a gem but only 778 dps which is fairly low then your oh has alot of crit dmg and 188 dex but only 724 dps. try looking into better weapons with at least 900 dps and you may see a big change also daggers roll lower damage so they give out lower crits so look at axes sword or fists for a monk. if you want attack speed still and a nice upgrade look into echoing fury its pretty solid wep.

    arc#1958 is my profile if you wana take a look you sit around the same area i do w/o blind up with blind i shoot up to 128k.
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    Healsbrewery, are you on US or EU? i just upgraded my weapon and have a great replacement for your MH if youre on US and interested, let me know!
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    get a higher dps slow main hand with crit dmg and socket, as high as you can afford, dex does not matter much here.
    Looking for suitable pair of inna's pants along with inna's spirit stone. it's all about upgrade glove & jewel with 3 offensive stats after that.
    work in this order according to your fund.
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    I'm on US servers
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    Quote from julian_zhu

    get a higher dps slow main hand with crit dmg and socket, as high as you can afford, dex does not matter much here.

    How can us say Dex doesnt matter??

    Every point of dex on a weapon translates roughly to 1 point of dps on same weapon.. And the you get the dodge rating too.

    I suggest you fill out your char on
    There you can see how big a said item really is before you buy it.

    I for one switched my 900+ dps spear out with a 695 fist with so much dex on it that it was a 3k dps increase..
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    ok healsbrewery the axe is 933dps, 200 dex, 42%cd, and a socket. let me know if youre interested in buying it.
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    Naa that's ok, I found a 944 dps fist with 85% crit dam, 10% att spd inc and a socket for cheap, what I need now is an Inna's chest and helm for the + 130 dex, and then Natalya's boots and ring for the 7% crit. Too bad this will cost a fortune.
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    At this point i feel like upgrades would cost too much to be worth it imo
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