gearing help for a progressing a3/4 monk? pls advise

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    I'm an avid reader and have watched YouTube voids on how to gear my monk better but I feel stuck. Not sure which direction to go. I'm currently stuck around 26k dips sword and boarding to struggle through a3/4. Would appreciate tips to get into a better class of dps.

    Unfortunately I think I chose an expensive chosen resistance with fire.

    Should I save up and re gear another resist? Only have 5m right now and looking for tips on what/where to upgrade.Thanks in advance.
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    Concerning the resistance, I can just say that the grass is always greener elsewhere. Maybe someone else has a better insight here, but I don't feel that there is a substantial difference in price between the different resists.

    Your gear:
    The weapon is too slow, which hinders your health regeneration through life on hit.
    Magic find gear is holding you back. What MF does on gear is remove one useful stat and increase the price... the benefit of the higher MF is then eaten up by slower kill speed and dying more often
    Stat wise, I think you should aim for a bit more health (35k) and get the dex up to 1500-1600.

    Upgrade wise, I would start with getting a chest with 3 sockets, and putting dex gems there
    Then, maybe a second weapon and go dual wield
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    Thanks for the input. I think i should be able to fetch a decent price for the chest piece and get one more suited for endgame, and looking for a weapon currently under the 5m mark that can actually be decent. Crit %? a range i should keep it at?
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    - MoC instead of MoE, killing stuff 25% faster (50% while spamming mantra) clearly helps.
    - drop all that life on hit on your jewelry and pick up more ias, crit chance, crit damage, +min/max dmg, dex, vita and/or resists. I'd go for the offensive stats so you won't have to upgrade it anytime soon again.
    - using a shield is a good way to add crit chance and maintain a decent defense, but please look for a 1.0.4 version with 150+ single stat and maybe some more % crit (while maintaing that amount of block if not aiming for another few %)
    - as mentioned above try getting a faster weapon, especially while using a shield you want enough attack speed to be capable of spamming your mantra for the extra damage. I wouldn't spent more than 1-2M on a sidegrade actually.
    - try adding more dex. Shoulders, writs and chests are all lacking 75-100 of it in your a3 entry farm-gear region and greatly boosting both offense and defense (dodge + armor)

    Quote from honkeystuff
    Unfortunately I think I chose an expensive chosen resistance with fire.

    Every day i check the AH i see a ton of possible upgrades... with the wrong single resist on it including fire ;)
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    Thanks Ballon, some concrete #'s help when trying to gear up. Picked up a 3 slot chest and slapped the dex gems in it to help out and threw on my OH that i had in stash. I really wanna look for a different OH with more % dmg and possibly lifesteal but can't decide if i should upgrade the jewelry, shoulders, or wrists or weap first. I guess its whatever becomes affordable first.
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    Honkeystuff, Why would you necro-bump about 10 threads for no reason at all except to add to your post count? Makes you very suspicious, which is why I don't think I'll be clicking anything you link.
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    Sorry about that, I'm new to forum posting on this stuff, just had been reading for a long time. Curse/diablofans requires that you post 10 times in the forum before you link something in your own posts. Needed to get those in before linking to my own armory... totally forgot that they would bump up to the main page until i was done posting in the forum.
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