Lost my 6cc brace to merchant

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    I was testing the resist requirement at A4 with my shield and DW monk.

    In the intensive fight in swapping some items for various setups, I didn't pay much attention to the rares and rubbish items collected. Maybe I have given a just identified rare brace an extra right click wihtout my knowing it, I then sold all the craps en bloc to the merchant with a series of rapid right clicks.

    I found something wrong after a while as I was fighting with less resisitance and down by 6CC. When I rushed back to town, to my disappointment, the brace is gone forever as the merchant only keeps the last 12 items sold to him.

    I am pround of this brace, which I bought from AH quite sometimes ago with less than 1M. When I checked for a replacement at AH, there is less than 5 braces with 6CC, +100 dex and my light resist. The magic find on it is okay, but what I miss the most is the godly +12k to life globe, which I believe can only spawn to level 63 items. No brace on AH can match, even the best one asking for more than 30M.

    Now I fight with my last used 4.5CC brace and with some other adjustments, my CC is down to 36%.

    To make this up, I upgrade my sword to increase my DPS to 42k for shield and about 50k for DW.

    Anyone got similar experience?
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    Quote from MONK_P100

    Anyone got similar experience?


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    That happend to me one time. Only I noticed it right away but sadly I salvaged the item not sold it to merchant, so it was gone for good. Good thing for me the item did not worth more that a few millions. Huh!

    Since then I always double check my DPS after selling to merchant, and I seldom savage.
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    Bracers :
    80 vit.
    80 str
    5,5 crit
    70 all resistance
    50 physical resistance
    200+ armor
    17% magic find

    Disenchanted and never found a roll like this on the ah...

    But yeah, it happend to all of us... we all lost at least 1 item... at least 9 out 10 friends did.
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    lol last time, i duno how i managed to accidentally drop my glove on the ground in tower of the curse, then when I look at my character sheet, my dps decreased a lot, i duno why, so then i went all the way back and search for each level and finally found my gloves, really expensive ones that i bought off RMAH for $25, like 190 dex, 50 fire res, 9 ias, 8.5 crit
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    I did it to my boots, I still don't understand how they got to be in my stash and i wound up wearing junk.

    170 intel
    80 vit
    12 MS
    19% MF
    60 all res

    I still don't have boots that are as good, close, but not quite..

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    Happened to me to a 3 million glove once.
    Exact same thing. Game was a bit laggy, had an inventory full of items to ID, extra right click, equiped a crappy archon gloves instead of mine, sold all the junk and VOILÁ...my gloves were there too..
    And it was a damn nice piece, had 144 Str, 80 Vit, 10 % Crit Chance, 20% Magic find and low All res (prolly around 40 if i remember right).
    I had bought it like 2 days before.

    Now to avoid that from happening i Dyed all my gear white.
    If i see a piece of any collor but white i check it all.
    And also made a habit of checking my gear prior to frenzy selling stuff.
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    Well, it calmed me down a bit upon hearing all these stories. Thanks for sharing.

    SSS is a nice addon to the traditional SW/cyclone build to drop elites (main part of the game now), especially in A3, it is much easier than before. Thank Blizard, the cool down is only 30 seconds.

    Tonight, I would like to test different runes on Izhul (spelling) or other tough slow guy on A4.

    For those interested, please do some independent tests and share.
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    ^ wrong thread?
    this almost happened to me once, but I noticed my stats were off as I was selling and got my item back
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    I lost a very high stats, high resist belt with 5% chance to freeze and 15MF recently. Equip a junk belt during IDing, and sold my good one.

    Couldn't replace anything close to the same stats from AH for the last 2 weeks :(
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