Tempest Rush broken?

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    Yesterday I tried a tempest rush build:

    - Tempest rush with rune Northern Breeze (Reduces the channeling cost of Tempest Rush to 8 Spirit.)
    - Mantra of Healing with rune Circular Breathing (Mantra of Healing also regenerates 3 Spirit per second.)
    - Exalted Soul passive (Increases maximum Spirit by 100 and increases Spirit Regeneration by 1 per
    second.Spirit fuels your defensive and offensive abilities.)
    - Chant of Resonance passive (Duration of all Mantras increased by 7 minutes. While one of your Mantras is active you gain 2 Spirit every second.)
    - two fist weapons with +spirit regen

    So I managed to get ~ 9.2 spirit per second (according to the character details).

    Theoretical with 8 channeling costs I should be able to rush endless and still generate enough spirit to use healing / shielding / whatever sometimes.

    Practical I run out of spirit after a while (I just hold the right mouse key pressed so there were no second initial costs of TR)

    Is this a bug or misunderstood I something else?
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    You use more spirit if u got faster weapons. Search for Sixen's Diablo Daily on twitchtv. in one of the newer episodes he explain it all.
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    Yeah, tempest rush with the rune uses 8 spirit per hit, i.e. 8*1.4*1.15 spirit per second (fist attack speed and attack speed bonus from dual wielding).
    My monk Vin
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