What should i buy for my monk, part 2

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    My monk is: http://eu.battle.net...1/hero/15102566

    I play on Europe (Ilumm#2314)

    The stats that are not shown in the profile are:
    Attacks per second: 1.69
    Crit chance (without scoundrel): 35.5%
    Crit damage: +312%
    All ress: 774 (72.08%)
    LoH: 1466

    I have 10mil+ gold at the moment and farming A3 and i want to improve my gear. What would be the best item to change and for what?
    My problem is that most items better than mine are around 5-10mil and are only a small improvement.

    Thank you!
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    Help please!!!!
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    Put a ruby into your helmet and look how it feels like with 17% less hitpoints. Maybe test Guardian's Path instead of resolve if you feel uncomfortable with that setup.

    Try to find a replacement for your necklace, looks like the biggest spot dps wise lacking crit chance, crit damage and attack speed. My other choice would be the helmet, lacks both %fists of thunder and crit chance (and base %life or vitality). You shouldn't worry to much about dropping some resistance (resist all on 2-3 pieces in favor of dps, this way it's not too expensive), with 700 resist, 1k loh and 5.5k armor buffed that's still a blast.

    There should be a lot of 9xx dps weapons with 1xx dex and socket around for a fair price (

    Ps: give your follower some love, buy some dead cheap mainstat/vita rings & amulet and a weapon for 100-200k (high mainstat is more benefical than high dps) and you got yourself a neat 6k+ dps helper - that's probably the best dps/gold upgrade you can get by far.
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    I actually bought a LoH ring just before talking to you.

    I will try your advices after making some more money.

    I understand my amulet, helm and weapons are the main things to be changed, but the, for the weapons, i am waiting for the new set to become cheaper (can't find any better weapons under 5m. anyways).

    The follower has gotten some love with the new bow and he dies quite rarely actually so no need for more vitality. The damage output from him is very low in act 3 no matter what anyway.

    Edit: Will update in the morning as i am too tired know. Thank you.
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    I agree with ballon on the helmet, you definitely need crit on it, a socket would be amazing as well.

    You'd also be surprised on the weapons you can snag for an okay price. Also don't underestimate the value of pure dex. over dps on a weapon. I'm not sure on the exact trade off but I was using a 900 dps fist weapon with int and str at one point and downgraded to a 690dps with some dex and it was actually near the same if not better.

    I ended up winning a bid on this for right at 1 million. Would have been 800k but someone tried to outbid be a minute before the auction ended.

    That may seem like a little much and it's not the GREATEST weapon but I only spent 1 million, you could spend 3 million and as long as you're careful probably get a nice deal. Bid prices are pretty easy to win. Just remember if someone tries to outbid you at the last moment you can throw as much money as you want at the item, you'll never overpay what their last offer was. So if they bid 700 and you bid 1000, you'll get your 299 back (not exact but you get the idea.).

    Best of luck and gear is looking pretty nice so far. :)
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    Updated current stats. Thanks for all the help.

    I will now go for a helm and after seeing how my new items fare i will try an %xtra xp gem in helm.
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    My profile is updated at the moment on bnet with my current items right now.

    Any legendary/set items i should look at also? (Natalya etc.. [Spirit Stone seems quite bad]).

    P.S. Sorry if i should have edited my last post instead of adding a new one.
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    make sure to buy helm with 5%+ crit chance, u will feel the dps increase on winds for sure, every 1% matters. but u wont be able to get double resist on it. should be able to compensite with taking one with vit on it.

    besides that don't buy crappy weapons. u want 820+ dps weapon with 100+ dex and 60 crit damage on it and socket. Getting a weapon with no dex, u loose about 4-5k dps there if it had 160 dex

    same with your other weapon, u want to loose the loh and get 60 crit damage on it.

    i like your rings, those two rings should be enough loh to keep u alive, for 1-2 mill u can find an amulet with 40 crit damage and 6 crit chance and offcourse dex, vit resist. 10% crit damage is about 1k dps, so u gain 4k dps there.

    use this calculator https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApVAeMW4XRfcdHlneGhLMVdpYnFYMUM3R0IydmNFRWc#gid=6

    u need google account for it, start comparing weapons, and find the weapon that boost dps the most

    weapons, amulet and the helm is what gonna get u 50k+ dps, if a weapon is cheap to buy, then it sucks, the base damage on a weapon is important also a weapon can be same dps, but its base damage can be higher.

    either way your losing about 5k dps on each weapon, a new helmet with crit will add another 3k dps or more, crit chance boost crit damage, so with better weapons and better helmet they boost eachother.

    with 20 mill u should have enough money to do 54k dps after that things gonna get expensive, but u should faceroll with that dps.

    don't buy anything untill u know what dps u gain, use the calculator. Don't buy cheap weapons that give few dps, its better to buy a new weapon that gives 6k dps for 10 mill then buy one for 5mill that gives 3k dps

    keep looking the ah, theres always good deals to be made, if a weapon with right stats isnt online check another time

    if u wanne do high dps u need to play with less loh, so unless u wanne play like a fool, stick with loh, if u wanne play good then your rings will be enough and your damage will give u healthglobes

    ps: u can find better chest with 3 sockets, more vit, good resist, u will gain dps with 3 sockets
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    Thank you for the advice:

    1. The helm will be my fast priority. As i can clear A3 quite nice now I will be saving up for an Inna's Radiance which can end up with Dex, Vita, Cold Res, 5% Crit, Socket and even All ress at a good price for a high tier item (around 10-20mill now, probably will go down in the future).

    2. The weapon with the LoH is found, not bought. I am looking into some items as you said, with the final goal being Won Khim Lau (as I use lighting both on main and secondary skills).

    3. I think my amulet is good enough for now: It assure me a good LoH (around 900), good crit chance (7.5), dex and some int (which gives all ress)

    4. I agree on the chest. That needs replacing sometime too.

    Thanks for the tips on dexterity as well.

    My problem is that now with 5k armor, 774 res and 38.5k life i die sometimes in small areas because i cannot maneuver. Are these def. stats enough?
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    solution: do not get caught in small areas hehe. really u need to know your dps if u can kill them in time and if not, u should run away before u get blocked, besides that u have fist of thunder to use as teleport to get out of bad places...

    u have serenity to escape also? if your in a bad spot thats mostly your own fault, u need to think ahead, escpially when certain affixes might block u. so play it safer sometimes..

    amulet gives alot of dps, the same amulet with 60crit damage on it , good dex , +- dps, will give u 8k dps.. its 8k dps vs 400 loh

    so yeah each time u need to make decision loh vs damage. as u can see .
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