I cant decide legendary or rare (monk)

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    recently i been only making money and forgot to upgrade my item, and since last time i upgrade my item was when i got to level 60, i forgot all about it. Yesterday i got bored and started to buy some item and i got 2 legendary sets, on with a

    sage's boots (446)
    138 dex
    76 int
    54 all resistance
    196 armo
    12% movement speed
    7 yard pick up

    sage's glove (442 armor)
    36 arcane resistance
    192 armo
    7% critical chance

    inna's chest armo (454 armor)
    76 dex
    67 vit
    57 all resistance
    7% life
    15% better magic find
    2% mele damage reduction

    inna's belt (485 armor)
    5% holy damage
    54 resistance
    207 armo
    8962 global health
    reduce duration of control impairing effect 10 %

    and a legendary shoulder with (206 armor)
    172 strength
    111 dex
    105 int
    35 vit
    41 arcane resistance
    47 resistance

    other than these above i have two ring one legendary ring (add 90dex rest state 30 each, with 30 all resistance and 6% attack speed, and ignore durability lose) and a ring (that add 50 all resistance 80 dex 80 vit) and rest are just just average 300k-500k gear that add some dex and resistance. these gear made my state now have

    22k dps
    668 resistance
    6500 armo

    i want to ask you pros are these enough to solo inferno diablo, if not what should i upgrade, and most important should i keep adding legendary to my gears or get ride off them because maybe buying a rare one with the same price will have better state. any help or suggestion from you guys would be great, and an early thanks to all of you that give me a valuable suggestion : )
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    Legendaries do not necesserily mean they are better then rares (yet). There are very few legendaries that are actually worth using.

    With the stats you showed us you could probably solo Diablo, but it's going to be extremely painful getting there.

    I suggest you read up on monks and adjust your items/spec accordingly; http://www.diablofans.com/topic/54433-monk-inferno-guide-updated-for-103/

    Good luck!
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    thank you very much
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    Overall I think rates are better than most legendaries but that seems like it could change with the new patch. As far as your stats, I think the following are good base stats to have to try to solo inferno. Now these can change base on your build but I believe these work for most builds.
    DPS: 30k+ (if u have less focus on def stats and skills)
    Life: 45k
    Res: 750
    Dex: 1800+

    Again these are suggestions. This will make act 1-3 easy and 4 take some more effort.
    Best advise is do two things:
    1) research builds
    There are a few builds out there now and maybe more after next patch but find one u like and try it out.
    2) watch the auction house for deals
    If you keep a close eye on AH u can get some good deals but u have to be patience. Or have tons of gold. Lol. Hope my suggestion. Helps
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