Gear/stat advice needed - it might help others too

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    I've read a lot of posts on these forums with other players listing their stats and the statement "I can pretty much farm all of Act 3 no problem with this!" and the subtle differences start to become a little daunting. I know there has to be other players like me that are trying to get our characters to the place we see other folks at in YouTube videos. I know they have high-end gear and positively reinforce you that you can too, one day. But I, like others, probably have some gold to invest and want to spend it wisely.

    It seems the variance in suggestions all over is either between Armor, Resistances, or LoH.

    I think anyone can agree that Dex, Vit and Crit Chance/% are key. But its the first three that I'm asking for advice.

    I see a lot of people commenting that they Dual Wield with the Enchantress armor buff. If the intent is to get high Crit %, than why not the Scoundrel? I'm assuming that the armor increase from the Enchantress is a must OVER the 3% additional crit. Which leads me to believe that if I can get my armor number up higher, I might be able to survive Act 3.

    Right now I can handle Act 2. I think a lot of people can - this is the first stepping stone. Once I set foot into Act 3, I get destroyed by elemental damage. My dps doesn't seem to be strong enough to burn mobs down. So I know where to look for that - Crit %/Dmg. But I also die so fast to any bare touch of elemental damage. The trash in Act 2 with a base ability of fireballs that burn on the ground like Desecrator drop me almost faster than Desecrator does.

    So this leads me to think I need higher Resistence.

    But so many say "get 1k LoH and you can take the elemental damage - I have 600 resists and I do just fine."

    So what is it? I want to Dual Wield in Act 3. I have no base MF and that's another journey of over-priced AH adventures to try and get that going. I apologize for this - but here are my stats:

    40K health
    26k Dps self buffed
    1.56 attack speed
    636 Resistences
    30.5 Crit Chance (Scoundrel included in that)
    228 Crit Damage
    659 LoH

    253 Str
    1405 Dex
    605 Int
    954 Vit
    4318 Armor

    I can safely say that I can not farm Act 3 at all. I can maybe survive a pack if they have no elemental damage. And I do not face-tank. I only face-tank for four seconds with Serenity. Otherwise I make sure to kite like a ranged character.

    To anyone that has read this far, thank you so much. So what's the "aha - you just need to increase this!" bits of advice that anyone can offer? I got this gear by farming and spending about 5m on the AH for weapons. So I'm assuming that most in Act 2 are probably at a crossroads like me and trying to figure out how to to join the Act 3 club.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Armor/resists and LoH can certain offset each other. Personally I think you're low on them all: armor, resists and LoH. Another thing that confuses me a bit is that you have extremely high crit chance and dmg, but your self-buffed dps seem rather low.

    I think basically you're in no-mans-land right now. Your dps isn't anywhere near high enough to blow the elites away, and your def stats are very low for act 3. If you're gonna keep those def stats, I think your dps needs to be upped at least 50%, and probably more. If you're gonna keep the dmg, I think your armor needs to go up by some 1-2k, and resists by 150-200.

    You also need to take into account what skills you're using. I for instance die a lot in act 3 if I use MoC Overawe. But if I change to MoE Hard Target, I do a lot better.
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    Thanks for the response!

    I agree that the dps is low - I'm using a 1h axe with total 110 crit damage on it and some small amount of dex on it in the main hand. That has like 898 dps on it. Off hand I have a 720 dps with 230 LoH and small amount of dex.

    i see people saying all the time in posts that you can find weapons with LoH and low DPS for moderately affordable prices on the AH. THey are talking in the 600 to 700 dps range. So there is an item on the AH I've been looking at that I is up tonight and its a 900 dps weapon with 40 crit on it and a socket. But this would mean that I would be dropping my LoH to almost nothing. Which as I've stated, everyone says to have some to help.

    Short of going sword and board, I have no idea how to up my armor to the 7k/9k numbers that many talk about. I prefer Dual Wield, but I'll do what I have to to progress. I can get more resistances, but I have to lose about 10 to 15 crit to do it.


    Edit: Forgot to mention, I do use MoC - Overawe. I tried MoE while using a shield early on in Act 2. But again, I keep reading that DPS is key. So MoC makes more sense. Just explaining my thought process.
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    What I did to get my armor up is three things.
    1) Enchantress.
    The enchantress is a must imo because she gives you more armor AND more attack speed. If you are surviving off of your LoH, more attack speed is always good
    2) Lots of Dex. I bought weapons with lower damage (700) but 300 dex. This gives me more dodge chance and helps my 3rd step.
    3) Seize the Initiative.
    Dex = Armor.

    I haven't cleared act 3, because I've spent all my gold on my other characters, but I defeated everything up to and including Ghom.
    Dual wield of course.

    Edit: ok here are my stats, and remember I couldn't complete a3
    1900 dex
    32.7k hp
    640all res
    800 LoH
    39% dodge
    17.7k dps unbuffed
    20.4k dps buffed
    4865 armor
    1.92 attacks per second on average
    174 life regen!ZXU!acYZab

    I think this build is pretty solid, and would work better if I had maybe 500 more LoH, more attack speed and more damage.
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    I honestly don't know how to balance def stats and crit, I haven't managed to do it myself yet. I run with 5% crit and 50% crit dmg, and got 25k dmg shown in character sheet unbuffed.

    As for armor, I hit 7k with enchantress. Hard Target brings that up to over 8k. I DW, but I have +1000 armor on my gear. 4318 armor simply sounds very low. You are using Seize The Initiative I assume?
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    Using Seize the Initiative.

    Here is my build:!ZXU!abcacY

    i've been using the Scoundrel and I will give the Enchantress a try. Based on your feedback and Coaster_Man I feel like the progression is going for higher armor/res/loh. I can get gear with high dex, some vit and dual resists - but no crit. for that magic combo on one piece is like four hundred gahzillion gold )
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    Build wise I'd recommend either transcendence or guardian's path over resolve. The dangerous things tend to be elemental stuff on ground, and resolve doesn't help against that. If you're struggling you should also give MoE Hard Target a try, it's a huge difference compared to running MoC.

    Gear wise, definitely try to find +armor on your future upgrades. Many people will see it as a useless stat, and sell rather cheap.
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    Quote from Beace
    The dangerous things tend to be elemental stuff on ground, and resolve doesn't help against that.

    What else does resolve not reduce? Or rather what kind of damage does resolve reduce, just autoattacks? What about electrfied or those elemental shots from blazing/shocking guardians in act 2?
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    Im in a dilemma between the enchantress or scoundrel.. I have 23% crit rate with the scoundrel but a slightly more atkspeed and armor with the enchant..
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    I would chose the enchantress over the scoundrel. the biggest advantage of the scoundrel is that he gives you always 3% crit, even when he's dead, while the enchantress gives her 3% attackspeed just when she is alive. But if you gear your enchantress a bit, she'll die very rarely and the ias doesn't give so much less dmg than 3% crit, and if you skill erosion you get a 15% dmg boost every 15secs on top of her knockback or cc.

    I think what would help you most to survive is using a good shield and deadly reach for kiting mobs with stuff on the ground, to stay out of it while doing dmg. A good shield can do wonders to your survival, if you look out for cheap deals you can get a nice one pretty cheap without losing too much dmg. For example, I got a dread shield with 85 dex/75 vit/110 res/7.5% crit for 900k.

    LoH is pretty overrated right now, something like 600 is defenately enough, and it's better to up your dmg after that. While your dmg goes up, the need for LoH gets even lower.

    I'm running with this build/stats right now, but cleared inferno with a lot less pre 1.03:



    42.5K health
    40k Dps self buffed with foresight
    1.53 attack speed
    797 Resistences
    33 Crit Chance
    177 Crit Damage
    596 LoH

    622 Str
    1911 Dex
    551 Int
    884 Vit
    7381 Armor (with enchantress)

    it's pretty ok to farm act3/4/ponies with that. but there are always those almost impossible fast-molten-horde-invulnerable minions bullwark demons or phasebeast where you are always going to rage like mad and your only option is starting a new game, no matter how awesome your gear is.
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I wanted to check in real fast, before I fall out of my desk chair and sleep on our dirty office floor, with some information that has helped me significantly.

    I was watching one of Newtiunplugged's videos this afternoon and he commented on five rules, so to speak, to help you make choices for gearing. As I've read the great post/guide from Thaya: http://www.diablofan...pdated-for-103/ they mention a great break down of stats to look for on items. But one thing that didn't set in with me is the absolute priority of stats to look for first on each item. I got the impression from the guide that you could pick two or three of the six or seven stats listed to be in the right place.

    Newtiunplugged said as the first rule; all pieces of gear must have Dex, Vit and at least your chosen resist on them. The higher the dex, the better. That was sorta standard for me anyway, but its relevance was clear to me with the second rule; go for Attack Speed on your rings and not crit. If you can find a ring with both (also with Dex, Vit and Resist) great - but Attack Speed first. His reasoning was that Attack Speed has a higher % value on Rings than Crit does. So go get crit on your gloves, ammy and bracers - attack speed on your rings.

    I took a look at my gear and I had 3 pieces that broke the first rule - they had Dex and Vit, but not at least my chosen resist. Mainly my two rings and my chest. So I dropped some gold and got rings with Attack Speed at 7% a piece and Dex, Vit, Resits. He also talked about weapons with high dex on them and no LoH. He doesn't care for it and I understand why. I still do, but I took a look on the AH and found a 790 dps weapon with 224 dex and 48 crit% with an open socket. Nabbed it for 1.5m and my DPS went from 28k to 36k buffed. I also followed the advice from folks who responded to this thread and switched to the Enchantress and I'm very pleased with the Armor and Attack Speed buff.

    Suffice to say that I haven't ventured into Act 3 yet today - I did run Act 2 significantly faster and only died 3 times, to the stupid tall spinning mobs that look like the things from the 8-bit Zelda. I got my res up to 700 and with a health increase to 42k, I definitely can see the difference.

    Hope it helps and thank you all again for the advice!
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    Planing your gearset is kinda important. U need to know witch item should give u just dex/vita/double res and witch slots r just for dps stats...

    But first of: Always use Mantra of Evasion with Hardtarget while progressing a new act. Only use MoC overawe if u farm an act easly and outgear it! The armor and dodge buff from MoE is just too strong. For progressing act3 nicely u will need like:

    +25k DPS
    +20% crit with +150% crit dmg
    +/- 650 Res
    +/- 6500 Armor (with Mantra and Enc)
    +/- 35k hp
    - if u go for sword and board u will need like ZERO loh but u should have like +700res and +7k armor along with +16% block and a good blockvalue. dont use anything under a dreadshield!
    - if u wanne dw then get like +500 loh

    Some tips in regards building a gearset witch worked for me kinda good:

    - Boots: Never use boots without 12% movementspeed! Even if u r running ToF/TC
    - never have ZERO pickup radius on your gearset. try to have at least like 5 yds
    - bonus armor is kinda underrated atm on items. look for items with bonus armor or either str on em too. sort items in order of the armor value within the ah and not for the price...
    - bonus on health globe is realy nice too. try to get an item with at least like +5k. its a huge difference if u pick up the small globes and recieving kinda huge heals from those. it will make up for not having any loh!
    - do not try to buy items with triple dps stats(%crit, crit dmg IAS). if u can afford get some with double dps stats or cheap but good single dps stats
    - running dw with loh without some ias is imo pointless. ias isnt great like pre patch 1.03 but still its strong in combination with loh!
    - if u try to find new gear on the ah take your time. finding good gear/items cheap needs some time! Never set a b/o price while searching for stuff. u will miss those only running on bids.
    - never buy the first good item u see for a b/o without being sure its worth the money/gold. always search further. maybe u find a better piece for a small bid and u r lucky winning it at the end.
    - enhance your seachpattern for the ah. u can save alot of time by looking for the right 3 stats in combination. dex and str/dex/vit are always listed on top of the stats if u r looking on an item. if u r looking for new gloves f.e. just search for att-spd, crit hit% and the res u want on em. just browse thru the items now and looking on top of each for dex and vit.

    If u wanne setup a decent set of gear most of the times the follwing "rules" will save u a good chunk of gold:

    Helm: Look for 3,5% crit with kinda high vit and a socket along with either res or the prefered res u r stacking. Dont bother with high crit%, dex or double res. those helms r realy expensiv! Put a flawless star into the socket. the gem maybe cost like 600k but u can save alot of gold by just needing lower vit/no vit on some items.
    Shoulders: +120 Dex along with vit and single res(the res u r stacking) along with either str or bonus armor and pickup radius
    Chest: +150 Dex with double res(res all and your stacking res should be like +/- 100 total) and again either str or bonus armor. u dont need high vit or vit at all. the helm makes up for it
    Pants: Same like chest but have a look if u can get some with bonus on health globe too
    Gloves: +100 Dex along with ias and %crit( both like +7%) along with some vit and single res.
    Bracers: +80 Dex with vit along with single res and +3,5% crit
    Belt: +100 Dex with vit and double res. sometimes belts have a decent amount for bonus on healtj globes too.
    Boots: 12% movementspeed with +120 dex, vit and double res if u can aford it. in case u r kinda broke just stick to single res.

    The rest of your gearset depends if u wanne go dw or sword and board.

    For DW:

    Rings: Either %crit(+3%) or ias(+6%) with dex(+80) and single res(anything above 20 is kinda fine). maybe some vit on em if u can get em cheap. sometimes u get ias+%crit with dex and single res kinda cheap(way under 4mil). Prefer %crit on it!
    Neck: Crit dmg along with dex and vit. those arent too expensiv. Look for like +50% crit dmg increase with like +150 dex
    Mainhand: +800 DPS with Dex(+100) and Crit Dmg(+70%). U can get those on eu for less then 1mil
    Offhand: A fast weapon(1h sword or fistweapon) with +700dps, dex(+100) and loh(+500). again u can get those for like 1mil on eu servers.

    For Sword&Board:

    Rings: Kinda high dex, vit and single res. maybe some ias or crit dmg on em. prefer crit dmg over ias.
    Neck: Same as DW
    Mainhand: Fast Mainhand with dex and crit dmg.
    Shield: High Blockchance(+16%), high blockvalue(at least a dreadshield) high crit%(+8%) with single or double res and some vit and dex

    Without spending tons of gold u should get the stats witch i mention at the top of my posting. But keep always in mind progressing isnt farming an act!

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    Im having some issues on what to prioritize on my helm..
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    @EarlZO88: Without knowing your gearsets its kinda hard to give u an answer.
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    Keep the post coming, the the OP I hit act 3 and was like whaat, that lazer cut me in half with one hit. Elemental damage is crazy high.

    So far lots of useful posts.
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    Some really useful advice here, thanks all who are contributing!
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    One thing that I think is huge from Shinna's post is the AH buying. There are so many good items that people put up for small amounts of gold and no buyout. This means that you are going to have to be patient, set a schedule/reminder when that auction is coming up and bid on it at the last second. You should know what your max bid threshold should be for the item, by comparing to the others with buyouts. I've gotten a couple of nice items, because I was willing to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and buy the item and then go back to sleep :)

    Again, I stress that the information that I have found made a HUGE difference for me in Act 2 - I have yet to set foot into Act 3 again and most likely will not until I have a new weapon or at least 40k dps.

    I'd also not underestimate the power of Vit - I made a couple of gear switches last night and it dropped me from 44k to 38k and I was feeling that pressure and died a few more times than was normal because of the difference. I think having a helm or another piece with Vit and % to life is very helpful.
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    i currently have an amulet with 200+ dex vit, fire resist, I am thinking of switching it over to blackthorn that i already bidded, though it has no dex, but has fire res, 6% attack speed, 4% crit, 400 loh, 12% life etc, not sure if it'd be a good dps upgrade, but it has more crit and loh for survival, also allow me to remove my loh gem from my weapon
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    Quote from Polrayne

    I have yet to set foot into Act 3 again and most likely will not until I have a new weapon or at least 40k dps.

    Trust me. U dont need 40k dps to beat act3/4 inf. Maybe u cant kill each and any pack on your way to diablo inf. but for sure u wont skip so much packs at all. A friend of mine just went thru act3/4 with stats like i said(ok, he had 8k armor and like 770 res using sword&board with 0 loh). Whole act3/4 was ONE pack he skip´d.

    - invulnerable
    - arcane
    - plagued
    - molten

    This affix can be bad if u lack the dmg to burn down at least one elite while cds. So its no biggie he skip´d it...:)
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    Random question, wrg to molthen. I have noticed that when I attack elites with molten, I always get burned with some elites! I can visually see that the molten is only behind the mobs. Is this a bug or is it expected behavior?
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