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    Ok, so ive upgraded a few pieces of my gear tonight with the minimal gold i have lol. My weapon being one of them i was using a 640 or so dps weapon with 150 dex and a socket. I got a few life on hit items to help out. i want to start act 3 but I dont know the best approach. Here are a few screenshots of my gear/stats. I would like to know which of my gear i should replace sooner and what i should look to replace it with. - Stats - Gear
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    I would just try A3. Your defensive stats are fine, damage is a bit low of course. I think you need a LoH weapon with a socket (for crit), but I'm not sure if you can afford that. Also more crit chance of course, gloves, helm, shield, bracers, amulets and rings can give this.

    Just go one by one, whatever is cheap on the AH. Try to keep your defensive stats high while upgrading, and maybe add a bit more vit.
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    What he said.

    My damage is considerably higher than yours (almost double), while my armor is almost exactly the same as yours, but my resists are almost 300 less, and that makes all the difference. Winged Moloks and Shamans with the ranged fireballs absolutely tear me apart.

    IMO, you just need to try and maintain your defensive stats while getting more crit chance and crit damage.
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    building a tank is easy, building a tank that does sick damage is harder( expensive) , basicly u need to start getting crit on items, like 8% on gloves, 3% rings, 3.5% bracers and 3% head. and amulet 4% while maintaining your stats.

    u gonna want to get more vitaly on your items, since mobs hit hard and u gonna want to be 40k+ and prefer above 45k.

    if u can maintain your high resist u could try out dualwielding so u will do alot more dps and put in crit gem, together with some crit chance on items, u might double your dps.

    if u like public game, u could just build a very strong tank, and let others do the dps, thats also an option. keep on stacking defense and vitaly and become unkillable. your dps will be low but its cheap and maybe also fun playing with others;

    if u go solo, then you'll need to slowly get more dps and trying not to remove too much def, which gonna be hard, since everyone wants those items hehe, so u always gonna have to choose and give up something

    i would say google, newtiunplugged and check his videos about pimp my monk, u can learn what to look for in gear so u know which stats u want on certain items. As some items can have alot of vitality and others dont have much
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    Alright, sweet! thanks for the replys i think im going to work on gaining more dps.
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    I've got about 5 mill now, if anyone has any items i could possibly buy. hopefully for not TOO much because i need to replace half if not most of my set. also a 244 str, 74 vit, andd 7% crit amulet if anyone wants to buy it.
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    Get a shield with +8% crit and gloves with at least 7% on em as well. U can drop your res to like 700 if u r running s&b with your loh value.
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    I started act 3 with the same amount of DPS as you but I was dual wielding and had 529 resists and very low armor 3800 (unbuffed). Its definitely do able however I do suggest that you increase you HP, that will allow you to take some more. I completed act 3 last night with 729 resists, 21k dps (dw) and 52k hp can kill most elites only a few give me grief (horde, fire chains with mobs like phasebeast and small spaces)

    I would say the easiest updagrades for you would be rings with crit and attack speed. Gloves with crit and ias/crit damage.
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    Ok, so i replaced most of my gear within a couple hours of suggestions i got on this thread.

    I am still working on it but i still need a few more pieces more hp/dmg would be nice. my resists are alright.
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    Anyone knows 13% reduce dmg from elites worth? i mean is it equal with 200-300 all resist?
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