Monk ACT III/IV Inferno - EASY Farming Build

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    I am a Monk, and I do Act III and Act IV Inferno farming runs quickly and without a problem. In most cases without dying even once. I will link a video at the end of this post to show you the build and one of the circuits I run.

    I have a specific build I run that is a variation of the cyclone build, but is focused more on damage bursts and mob control than on resists and mitigation. It is called Dual Tornado. With this build I was easily able to clear all of inferno with only 300 to all resists. It does take a little strategy and good movement, but with practice and a little guidance you will easily be raking in loot/gold with even less of an investment into gear than a whirlwind barb.

    I am just now getting my guides off the ground, and I am starting with posting the videos of my 3 main farming circuits to show the success of this build. Following very soon will be step by step guides into the specifics of the build, and strategy for mob control and character movement.

    My first farming circuit is my Act III Inferno Siegebreaker circuit: After attaining my stacks in random places in the Act (Will be fast if you utilize waypoint correctly) I hit this circuit, and typically clear it in under 20 minutes. The video is following:

    FAST Siegebreaker farming circuit video:

    My YouTube channel for future updates and guides:

    Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions in the video's comments,
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    Maybe a link to the build and a brief description of the gear you are using (2k LoH, what else is important?) would help.

    I noticed that you are using Resolve as third passive instead of Guardian's Path, which I though was the "default" choice for DW monks. Do you think that Resolve offers more in terms of damage reduction?
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    nice video. the build is pretty standard though.

    imo resolve is really not worth it with this build. affixes, ranged mobs aren't affected by it normal trash mobs are constantly knocked back via fot anyways and elite melee damage doesnt matter except for phasebeasts and tremor demons. so i'd rather use transcendence or sth else.

    also to really be safe and faceroll stuff you need ~750 res+ with ~8k armor, at least at that point i felt pretty comfortable watching movies and eating while farming^^

    also its worth mentioning that switching mantras in order to compensate for weaker gear or preference isn't crucial for success with that build
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    well nice 2k LoH. but still imo thats way 2 much :P as kerbaroth says go for the 750+ res just 2 make sure that you faceroll things. atm i'm going with 55k dps 7.5k amor and 780 res and 850 LoH. and trust me thats rly rly easy farming for act3/4
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    and i'm also using a shield just so i get more of these nice cyclones out. they are the shit there are making your day ;)
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    yeah thats something i wondered about too. are the + cyclones you get from using a 10% crit shield better than the flat dps + 15% as you get from dw. my offhand is about 6k dps better than my shield. however i get noticeably less cyclones.
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    trust me i have been farming act3 for i dont know how long. and since i'm not that much of a fanboy 2 die or using time 2 kite shit. i have 2 say after i switched 2 shield with 10% crit chance i much admit that i havent feelt any diffrent of my dps. 2 be honost i lose 15k dps then i go with shield. but with all the plus cyclones i get now. 15k dps wont matter abit. going with 47% crit atm. and trust me these shiny cyclones are all over the place!

    so to reply on that. yea its makes a huge diffrent on the cyclones m8 :)
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    Great comments! I actually am in the process of cutting my LOH down to about 1k and boosting up my damage by about 12k.

    I haven't tried a shield with the 10% crit on it.. That may be something to try, but I already have pretty high Crit hit (32%).. I can get quite a bit more Crit hit damage with another weapon instead and really tear through elite packs faster.

    I may try something else in place of resolve.. Now we the higher DPS and staff going down I'm not noticing any bad HP spikes unless I stupidly stand in some junk :D...

    Definitely a couple things to try!
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    Ok, so Resolve only reduces melee damage? Then it's really not worth it, since even with Elites the melee damage is rarely a problem.

    When you guys quote armor values, please say whether it is with DW or Shield, since something like 8k is hard to achieve with DW... you get dodge instead ;)

    What kind of health pools are you carrying around with the 750 res and 8k armor? I'm just trying to understand how much effective health makes the "comfortable farming."
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    yea its rly something you should try out. i dont have any trouble going DW. but still based on the dps i lose vs the chance 2 die with a shield is huge ! so imo 1k LoH is more then enouhg. and trust me 32% vs 47% crit is a huge diffrent. i love 2 see how i feels rooms with cyclones. i would love 2 test out how much dmg i am making with so many more cyclones vs the dmg i do with DW.
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    @ thunder

    it's achieveable if you have alot of dex and items with +armor. however there was a typo nonetheless. when i dw with overawe i have ~7k armor with enchantress and 40% dodge (without any dodge or armor from talents). i have 40k hp and 48k dps, ~800res, 35% crit and 1k loh.

    i still feel shield adds alot survivability without out losing to much damage. so i might go with that from now on. 20% block and 1k+ armor is just too good until you have realy good gear.

    i don't know about hp, i guess ~50k would be nice, however since we don't have % based heals i don't think it's worth it to stack it as high as possible like barbs do.
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    Looking at your vid you seem to kill stuff faster than me, I do have more crit chance, crit damage and a higher dps on the stat sheet although my dex is about 200+ lower, could that be the difference?
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    no. maybe you aren't using mantra of conviction overawe enough, also stacking it with the faith in the light glyph really makes your damage insane
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    I've been testing some gear that jumped my DPS up about 12k putting my total damage at about 51k with the breath of heaven buff, but put my LOH down to 1k.. I am killing stuff faster, but my survivability is way worse so I find myself kiting more as opposed to just outhealing pretty much everything. So all in all I think I'm actually losing time with the higher DPS build. I'm not impressed thus far with the change up (and I have 51k DPS), and I may have to find some sort of compromise between the two.. If I had unlimited resources I'd just have the 2k 2150LOH and 50k DPS, but alas I am not a money machine :D.

    Still tinkering with some things.
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    @ Earl.

    Manta of Conviction with Overawe + Blinding Flash w/ Faith in the light.. Make sure you also stack those two when Blinding Flash Cd is up, and refresh the mantra every other chance you get..
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    Quote from Flyinshoe

    @ Earl.

    Manta of Conviction with Overawe + Blinding Flash w/ Faith in the light.. Make sure you also stack those two when Blinding Flash Cd is up, and refresh the mantra every other chance you get..

    I use the same thing.
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    Quote from EarlZ088

    I use the same thing.

    Dunno what to tell ya man. if your Crit/DPS is higher than mine then the Dex won't play a siginificant factor at all. You might just need to use your cooldowns a little more effectively. (ie: pop both blinding flash and mantra just as you port into the middle of a huge pack of mobs. Then you'll just burn them all down.) This build is not a tank and spank build. You have to be mobile, and efficiently use cooldown management to get the best results. That's the only idea that springs to mind.
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    Nice video dude :)
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