How should I proceed? [gear advice please]

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    Hello fellow monks.

    I'm doing quite well on Inferno, downed Diablo a couple of days ago, now mostly farming A3 and A4. I play mostly solo. (EU SC)

    I think I'm doing very well defense wise, but I feel I could do something with my dps to boost my effectiveness. I'm currently playing 1h + shield with 1500 LoH and 800 resist all but my dps is only 20k (23k with Blazing Wrath).

    I usually cruise through non elite mobs with ease and only having problem with elites that have nasty combos, such as arcane+waller or shielding+fire chains. Non-problem elite packs (these are packs without any of the following: arcane, shielding, desecrator, molten, fire chains) die within 30 seconds usually, but I still feel my dps is quite low, I'd love to reach around 50k at some point.

    My plans for the near future:

    1) buy both new rings (probably with x% ias and 30+ crit damage?)
    2) buy a new chest piece with +resist all (on top of +poison resist)
    3) upgrade belt and bracers with higher vitality pieces
    4) ... ?

    I'd very much appreciate if you could look at my gear and tell me if you see anything I could fix to boost up my dps, i.e. what stats to focus on now or what new pieces to look for. My budget is quite limited, so I can afford to spend around 2-3M per item max. Main weapon 10M max. Only gold, not willing to use RMAH.

    My current skills: (updated)

    My current gear: (updated)

    Any feedback greatly appreciated.
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    If you're doing fine with Backlash on Mantra of Evasion you might aswell try out running Aura of Conviction with Overawe. I've been doing this a lot lately, with all the spirit from FoT I can pretty much keep it refreshed (as in keeping 48% dmg done instead of the 24%) all the time and (obviously) 48% more dmg is massive.

    Aswell as it being awesome to combine with Blinding Flash. Run in, Flash + Mantra, Serenity so you can stick to the mob while your burst is up and then go out again. You might wanna give it a shot.
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    I've read about Conviction/Overawe before in Thaya's guide but always subconsciously discarded the information for some reason. So now I gave it a try and it works really well! Without any real spirit spender I have no trouble keeping the +48% dmg up almost all the time, so thanks a lot for the advice!

    Now I wonder whether I should go for more +crit chance for Cyclone procs, or more +crit damage to crit harder or more +ias to hit faster. Probably some kind of a balance, but all these 3 stats on a ring for example makes it worth millions and it's kind of hard to come by, so I guess I should focus just on some of them. Such a shame my weapon doesn't have a socket :S
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