INFERNO MONK BUILD -- Insane DPS/Survivability

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    First of all I would like to say this.
    That recording was one of the worst I have ever seen, even when I chose to play it on 1080p full-hd the text was unreadable.

    That build is 67% like every other monk build out there. (only 2 spells differ, which is 33% of 6 abilities)

    Serenity, Heal, Blind, Sweeping Wind, Mantra and Spirit Generator.

    Only the Mantra and Spirit Generator differs from build to build, the rune on Sweeping Wind depends on the monks crit, if they have over 20% they take Cyclone if not they go with Bladestorm.

    Also, you would get waay more dps if you change your Mantra from 8% attack speed to +48% damage.

    Your DPS is too low to call it "insane DPS", I got 18k DPS on my monk, and I think that is low because killing for example Diablo takes ages. (Compared to my WD and Wizard lol)
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    Moving to Monk forums and please don't post in all caps.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    This is possibly a dumb question... But how does he have serenity, blinding flash, and breath of heaven all at once?
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    Kego, go to your options > gameplay > check "Elective mode" and go look at your spells window again :)

    Edit: important note, make sure to uncheck it again after arranging your skills. This will not reset anything you just set up, but prevent you from accidentally dragging a spell from your skills bar and thus removing all your valor stacks. Many have cried over that before you (and by crying, I don't mean complaining, but genuine sadness:( ).
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    Yea, just figured it out. Thanks. Can't believe all this time I didn't know about this.....
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