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    Hey everyone im a level 60 monk and im having trouble with act 2 inferno and i cant seem to figure out why my stats seem solid and im just in need of some aid

    My build:!UZX!aacabZ

    My stats: with MOA 7411 armor 340 all resists 14k dps 45k health 42% dodge
    please any help would be nice
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    I'd say up them resists and drop the health if needed. I remember pre-1.0.3 when I first hit Act 2 I was wiping constantly, then just played the AH to up my gear got to around 800-900 resist and was able to take a lot more. But then I dropped resists for dps in Act 3. But I'd say about 400+ should be sufficient enough if you can kite/play smart.
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    thanks alot xD ill try that
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    If you don't have any life on hit, that can help a lot too, particularly with Thunderclap from what I've been told.
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    ive got about 350 not much
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    Life on hit is awesome....but really expensive. On my barb I found that i could get good vit/resist all gear with Life regen. for alot cheaper than life on hit. My life regen is 1300 and it is a huge help. With the attack speed nerf I figured life on hit would be a little less useful, so i checked on life regen and got it basicly free on my vit/resist all gear!
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