What item to upgrade? Act 3

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    Hello, I've recently defeated Belial after ten trys or so. But getting through late act 2 wasnt easy at all, skipping a lot of packs, so obviously I wont have a chance in act 3. This is my gear and stats right now:

    What item do you think I should upgrade? I have around 1 million atm. Also, is there any place I can farm that isnt butcher? Preferably where I get valor stacks and kill a boss.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Pick a resist and stack it + all resists on items. With 454 resists you are gonna get completely wrecked in a3/4 (honestly not even sure how you made it past a2 with that much).

    Previously you could have started farming siegebreaker games with Tyreal but since he's been nerfed that's basically out of the question.

    You might consider hell pony games (just buy the clouds from someone who farms it). Its about 100k per shot but chance are you will walk away with far more than that in items to sell and/or upgrade your current ones.
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    I'm thinking you should go for LoH on your rings instead of dex. Also, you have a lot of items with only Dex or Vit - and not both. Try and get items with both, as that usually seems to yield more stats overall.

    Also, your shield is horrible. I found plenty on the AH for 100k-ish with 1.1k Armor, 10+% life, 20% block chance and tons of block value (3.7k-4.7k I believe) + random vit/dex/resi. Try looking for something like that.

    EDIT: I'm currently farming goblins in 9th quest of Act II - Scouring of Caldeum. Guide can be found on front page. Get some MF gear (150%+) and farm the shit out of that. 500k+ an hour.
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    Also a question... how can I make those odd pictures with all sorts of items pasted in to them? What program are you using?
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    Quote from Sarve

    Also a question... how can I make those odd pictures with all sorts of items pasted in to them? What program are you using?

    Thanks, gonna try to get a better shield. But I really dont wanna farm the same spot over and over again as I find that really boring. Rather do boss runs. And I used photoshop to do my picture, quite easy if you have basic skills of the program :)
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    These are my current stats, what should I go for next I have the money but no idea what to spend it on. I can raise my resists just by switching up gear so that's not the issue. Tried many different skill sets but I'm just not dealing enough damage. Farming for melee gear is just ridiculously hard due to the high cost of even the most minor upgrade.
    I'm aiming to reach siegebreaker but if I cant take a hit there's not point in trying.
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    I would like to bumb this, as I'm not really sure were to go next. I have upped my shield, a ring and my gloves which finaly makes me able to farm act 2 rather stable. But now I dont know if it's worth buying any +as items with the new nerf incoming, so I think it would be smartest if I stayed away from any weapons, rings, amulets and gloves. With that said, I dont either want to remove any of my legendarys that gives me +as as that seems like a unsafe mode aswell.

    So, do you think I should buy a new belt, bracer, boots or pants? I've gotten lucky with some drops so I have a 7,5m budget :)
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