Health regen without LoH?

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    Hey guys,

    I've started farming act II and I am having a little trouble with my life regen. I have decided against LoH, because I wanted to try something new (even though LoH+IAS is so effective).

    I'm using a 2H, because I thought it'd be fun, and I've adjusted my build accordingly. I can withstand a couple of hits, but as soon as I get to 25% health or below, I get into trouble. Since spirit regen is so low with 2H and I have no LoH, I can't really get hit anymore. Since I have a large healthpool (52k), my heals don't do much to fill it up.

    Does anyone know any viable alternatives to LoH to regen health? I've tried Lifesteal, but my DPS is not high enough (25k) to support it, unless I'm up against a group of 3 or more.

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    Life regen build with good movement speed (at least 12-15%).
    Mantra of healing with regeneration spirit
    Lashing tail kick with hand of Ytar.
    Spirit regen if possible on weapon or head.
    But honestly I dont know if it's effective
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    You can also get The Guardian's Path for Spirit regen.

    And if you manage to stack enough life regen, I guess you could pull it off.
    With your slow 2H weapon you're probably better off with regen instead of LoH.

    *You think you know me?*
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    I'd like to have Guardian's Path, but which passive would you suggest swapping out?
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    You cant use abilities like wave of light or sweeping wind. Life regen is effective only if you're kiting mobs. So remove those 2 abilites and take LTK - Hand of Ytar and Mystica Ally (earth ally for taunt or air ally for casual spirit regen) or Inner Sanctuary - Consecration for defensive cooldown. Replace your spirit generator wtih Deadly Reach - Keen Eye (to mitigate damage received, so your heals are more effective).
    You can swap Resolve (while you're kiting you try to avoid all kind of damage) and take guardian spirit or OWE (I think it's a better skill than resolve for damage mitigation)
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