What to buy? (i suspect this is a ONCE AGAIN post)

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    Hi all :)

    i've been watching items and prices in the AH for the last days and managed to save 10m gold by now. I'd like to buy some things but i don't know if i should keep looking for those things i found interesting cause they might be uneffective at the end...

    I'm at Act III inferno with a monk.

    I expect to get about 15m total by this weekend to buy my whole "almost permanent" gear for now.

    Oh, btw, i've recently decided for Arcane Resistance and used to have Physical, that's why there r still some items with those stats.

    My gear right now is this:

    Weapon obviously will be replaced for something with 1000+ DPS, 1,40 attck speed (base), 250+ LoH & 150+ Dex.

    I'm thinking of buying Justice Lantern to get the +11% extra but i don't know how convinient is to expend an extra pair of millions the get better Dex/Vita stats on it.

    Further more, i'm interested in melee resistance, already have +7% (armor + wrists) and i'd like to buy a good version of String of Ears to get the +20%...

    Still don't know if i should get Inna's pant's and ring for the bonus or just rares for the other slots...

    i'd apreciate any help u guys could give me

    thanks in advance!

    PS: sorry for my bad english, i speak spanish :)
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    More Life on Hit I would say.

    It would help if you would post a screenshot of your stats as well.

    Get a weapon with around 500 LOH, and another ring with 200-300 LOH. Furthermore as you say yourself, work on your resistance because it seems to be a mixture of things right now :-) Ideally all resistance combined with arcane in your case. Improve your armor because way to low for Act 3/4 and definitely when you increase your overall resistance. 800 resistance should have around 8k armor to be effective (take keen-eye in consideration because it will be mostly up in battle).

    Improve your bracers, pants, gloves (IAS with dex+resis), belt, and maybe even boots and body armor.

    Have fun :-)
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    About armor, i was thinking of using deadly reach to increase it to 9k (having around 6k total at all time)

    should i have 8k at all time and the increase of 50% over it to get 12k? :S
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    i don't know if i should go dual weilding with 2 weapons having 250+ LoH plus socket (to bust it to 500 or 600 each) or 1 weapon + shield and go for Justice Lantern and keep my Helm of Command :S


    PS: String of Ears... does it worth the cost of buying the 20% over 19% or 18%?
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    Try using this to determine what defensive stat you need most. It's armor for me and I'm using Deadly Reach + Hard Target on the evasion Mantra + 15% armor boost of the Enchantress.
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    I am also in the market by the way to buy a 900 DPS weapon with 500 LOH but OH MY GOD the AH has gotten ridiculously expensive. About 1.5 weeks ago the price was 5 million, now it's up to 10-15 ROFL.

    **Sad face**
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    If you want some more life on hit you could look into an Ouroboros amulet. They can have up to 500 LoH I believe which is nice. Getting one with Attack Speed on it is preferable but those ones are stupid expensive. Just another option to consider if you were going for more LoH.
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    Last question

    Justice Lantern... or a rare with LoH & dex/vita?

    Don't know if that +11% block chance is worth the 5-7m a good one might cost if i choose well...
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    bump :(

    Justice Lantern? or rare with LoH + dex/vita

    (i already got my String of Ears with +armor, +19% melee resistance, resistances)
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