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    I know act 1 is suppose to be a cakewalk, is just that some elites are so !@#$ing overpowered that i get pawned within seconds.
    Here's my build:!YXU!abbaca

    i have 26k hp,

    I'm dual wielding 500 dps weapons up to 8k dps with dext and with BoH buff and blindling flass buff up to 11k dps , +517 resists in all.
    My strategy is start with blinding flash, BoH for healling and for buff , serenity (always). FoT with thunderclap for quick killing and sweeping wind +fire storm for extra damage. Then click click click. I try not to kite but sometimes i have to do it.

    Is working pretty well agains elites, i got to a point where i hit 5 NV without any problem. But there are some affixes combinations that i can't just pawn.
    Like for example 6 cultists with electrified+extra hp+ plagged/molten + jailer ... yesterday i was trying to kill those mothe%^-*ers but i ended killing 2 and given up.
    I can handle some affixes but some combinations are just ridiculous IMO.
    Bosses are a joke, i could kill the butcher in a 4 team dealing pretty much decent damage, those affixes get me pawned.
    I don't want to rush the act and skip those mobs i like to kill all the mothe!@#$ers, because where's the sense of accomplishment then?

    So what em i doing wrong... i need more resistances than what i have now? doesn't seem to be helping at all been stacking resistances and still when i found those affixes i get pawned in seconds...
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    Get a shield.
    Don't stand in shit or get hit by wind-up attacks.

    As long as the packs don't enrage, you shouldn't worry about DPS just yet.

    Get the dodge on Fist of Thunder, you really just want the Thunderclap if you got decent LoH.
    Get extra healing from BoH, you can switch if out when you have enough survivability.
    Increased miss on Blin instead of extra dmg.
    Bladestorm instead of Firestorm.

    EDIT: missed your resistance 580 should be more than enough for any act 1 pack.

    You are approaching it all wrong, don't go blind on DMG... it won't work.
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    I used crippling wave/concussion to progress in act 1 before I was able to easily farm it. Go all defensive with a shield and your best damage reduction talents. Even with overgearing you should avoid standing in avoidable things.
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    you actually seem to be doing fine with your approach, the only problem i see is that you want to just rush in and not kite any mobs, well sometimes you're going to have to because they are going to have something rediculous like vortex, illusionist, molten, arcane enchanted and there wont be much u can do about it except for wait for serenity and burst down.
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    Actually i don't have 580 resist all now that i checked xD... i have 517 resist all, anyway it shouldn't be the problem there. But i'll try to get more resist anyway.
    Here are my stats:
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    IMO, You need more vitality too. Especially without a shield.
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    When i was troubled in act1 i stacked more armor, now with deadly reach and enchantress over 12k armor.

    Getting very low damage (instead of 90% of life per hit now 30% of life or so)

    With that it was a walk in te park, but atm in act3 things getting very tough again :P
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    Get Shield.

    Sorry but if you are having trouble dual wielding the shield might be the only option till you gear up (however by the time you will be struggling in Act 3 for example still with shield).
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    You don't need a shield IMO for act 1 your stats are perfect all you need is higher dps. My advice to you is to stalk the ah for a 1k+ DPS 2h weapon. It will be significantly cheaper than going with 2x 1h weapons. My stats right now are 3.1k armor 440 All Resist 25k hp and 24k unbuffed dps 29k buffed and I face tank every mob in act 1 with out dieing and pretty much run all of act 1 with 5 stacks of NV every time I dont even use my followers some time. Just beef up your dps dont worry about a shield and you will be good in act 1.
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    get a shield and buy a better weapon. it isn't that expensive to get a 700 DPS weapon.

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