Post your build.

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    Hello fellow monks,

    What builds are you currently using?

    And why did u choose that build?

    Also what are the stats u running on atm?

    And in wich difficulty/act are you?

    Im currently using this spec:!UZX!ZZccca

    Atm running Act3 inferno with 12k dps, 700 resist 29k hp 7k armor 1.36 speed. (fist with shield)
    No life on hit atm, trying to stack some because i think im rly needing it now :)

    With the enchantress follower for speed and armor.

    Very handy build imo for armor, resist and knockback lashing tail, also fear in breath of heaven helps me out alot when surrounded by mobs, rest of the talents for heals/time to recover.

    Share, thanks!
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