Powerleveling with Monk? - Trying to catch up my friends

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    Hello lads. It's great to see that the Diablo 3 has created such a cool community.

    Anyway, here's my issue:

    For 20 days now I have been following streams and listening stories of playing Diablo 3. My friends bought the game on it's release date but I did not. I had to read for entrance exams for University and actually im still reading as they are on Wednesday. After that I will walk to the nearest store to buy the game and will enjoy the game after couple months of heavy reading.

    So, my friends are 60 and probably in the first act of Inferno. My goal is to catch them up with couple days of powerleveling with monk. I will be playing solo. Anyway, I need your guys help for this challenge. I don't have time to read dozens of theorycrafting sites so im kindly asking for help.

    Any advice is welcome. Need help with the fastest build possible and powerleveling strategies. Im new to Diablo but I know quite a lot of the game as I have followed streams and watched my friends playing.

    Thanks already,

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    I had to work 7 12 hour days when D3 dropped. I was always behind my friends (still am kinda). But anyways I stacked experience gear as much as possible over everything else and cruised my way up to ~53-54-ish. Had absolutely zero issues until the end of Hell act iii/beginning of iv.

    At this point I had to get wayy more vitality/dex/dmg/resist, more or less gear a little more seriously. Until that point stack experience and use the % experience gem in helm (if you have a socket in your helm). Also definately upgrade your weapon at least every act or every other act. Getting a higher dps weapon will greatly help you kill stuff and grind out that experience that much faster.

    Hope that helped. GLHF.

    edit: also IAS/LoH (increased attack speed/life on hit) is really strong as you get to higher, tougher content. Keep a lookout for it either cheap on the AH or if it drops for you

    edit2: again also, try your best to save as much gold as you can while leveling. For me it was tempting to buy all the stash space (I caved, bought them all, now regret it), also bought the hellish staff of herding (500k totally worth it). You can amass quite a bit while leveling, so try to figure out what gear for at 60, and a few mil gold will set you up for at least Act II inferno no problem.

    Check out the post on the front page for a good reference for which to shoot as an inferno monk.
    "If you want to go through the game without needing gear or skill then make a wizard and kite around a poison hydra and archon through walls." - themonkprodigy
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    Monk is completly faceroll through normall-hell, just cruise through content and may be ask friends for some cash so you could upgrade your gear every 6-8 lvls - started lvling barb when got bored, think it took me 14-16 hrs to lvl 54. And ye vendor everything, don't bother with crafting and just save money for lvl 60 to buy semi decent gear.
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    Powerlevel ANYTHING = buy weapons that have -reduced level requirement and own face. You need to search higher than your own level - for example, if you are level 25, search for weapons up to level 35 or 40 with reduced level requirement of atleast 5. As an example, my level 54 wizard has 20,000dps. He has ~13k at level 49. Using weapons of his actual level, he might have had 6-8k.

    Otherwise stack dex, a little vit, and as you get to mid-late hell, resists. If you follow the above strat and use weapons with -level requirement, you will kill almost everything in the space of your immunities as a monk.
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    I propose Iskatu boss runs (Act 4 Quest 1).

    In nightmare i can do one run in about 40-45 seconds from login to logout, which comes out to just over 2.2 million xp per hour. (of course you can do them on normal till you can beat nightmare, i wouldnt do it on hell though)

    For that to work take the runes tailwind (for running to the portal) and overawe (for fast killing) and the passive fleet footed as well as a pair of shoes with +runspeed (obvious). Also a highdamage follower like the enchantress is helpful.

    Also don't forget to skip the tyrael dialogue with the "close all windows" option (under key bindings) and buy a new weapon from the AH all 5 levels or so.

    That is considerably faster than all other methods (kulle runs posted on the mainpage for example...)

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