Is there a list of great/best legendary/set items for the monk?

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    So I have the problem to always tend to buy really suboptimal items on the AH instead of saving the money to get the items I wont replace in a very long time. The issue with that is that I can not estimate what a really good item would look like, I can just see if it is better than mine. And since rares are often hard to search for (since you can only apply 3 filters), I was searching for a list of named items (legendarey+set) that are good picks on each slot. For exaple:

    Shield - Lidless Wall - aim for Dext, Allres, 12%+ IAS and +2xx Armor
    Belt - String of Ears - aim for 17%+ phys. damage reduction
    Chest - .... - ....

    I think you get the idea.

    Do you know if something like this is out there? If not, maybe just post good picks and I add them up into the top post to get a good overview on where to spend your precious gold.

    EDIT: There is one on the official forums:
    (thanks to Cristala!)
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    It's not as easy for Monks as for Barbarians since there are different approaches. E.g. Block Chance is fairly useless if you're DWing, %AS is fairly useless if you don't have +life on hit, etc.
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    I wish we were able to inspect players on battlenet like WOW. That way we could compare the top geared monks
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    There's this thread on the official forums:
    But the main focus is for %AS and LoH specs. But there are a few really great items there!
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    Thanks man, that's a really good start.
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