Monk DPS Build viable?. (Inferno act II +)

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    Hello I have been strugling for a while in Inferno past act 1. But I finally got enough resistance / gear to take on act II and more.. Only problem is that it takes me 5-15 minutes for each elite pack (depending on their buffs ofc)..

    I found that by going a full dps build I might die alot, but overall I get the pack down faster than by going with the tanky build.

    My stats are:





    Now I do realise that I have "decent" gear.
    For my dps build to be effective for act II + I will need more dps (atk speed / crit) but..

    I just find it that it's too friggin slow to clear the stuff with the tanky build.. (by slow I mean really fucking slow) so I wondered if any other monks are doing a viable dps build for act II and above?.
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