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    I was doing fine till i reached the end of act4 nightmare, elite packs hit so hard!!! and when i got myselft surrounded by blues i pretty much die always. So i did a bit of tweaking to my build, farm a little more, found myself a cool 2h life stealing weapon. And i seem to be doing better now tough i have to actually try not to die.
    I'm using this build now at level 51:


    I like cripling wave+tsunami to slow enemies.
    Combining blinding flash+searing light, plus cyclone stryke and mantra of evasion seems a good combo, tough sometimes i have to struggle to stay alive.
    blues + elite packs are hard to kill specially if they have arcane, i hate arcane so much!!
    i mean is this normal or i just suck at this game? lol

    I have like 18k hp, 1.8dps. 58 resistances to all. like 50% evasion with all the buffs

    On the way of killing diablo at NM.
    any tips and suggestions for hell? i should farm more items NM on other acts?
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    This is what worked for me personally last night. I grabbed a 1 Hander and a Shield while using this build for trash


    On bosses I used this build


    The only thing you would need to change is the the rune on evasion mantra if you are level 51.

    I am sure there are many different types of builds that will work, again this is what worked for me. I breezed through Act 4 Hell.

    My Two Cents
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    i used it till inferno and had no problems, i was using 2 1-hander(its much better than 2 hander), i just skipped some elites
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