Earth Ally and PVP with builds

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    An idea has been bugging me for sometime, i hope someone can give me a definite answer.

    does taunt (from earth ally or barb) work in pvp? if so I have thought up a very interesting build for pvp:!YeV!cZaabc

    Basically the idea is damage from 2 main sources, generator and reflective damage.

    Generator: Way of the hundread fist with windforce is what I think the highest dps generator, coupled with a good 2 hand the windforce is going to hit pretty hard. This build is not spirit heavy so slow generation from daibo is not an issue.

    Dashing Strike: main spirit spender, you can even spam it and go for the stun while you pummel them down.

    Heals: Breath of Heaven to heal and also increase your damage, Serenity is basically a short pally bubble with heal and no attack penalty! with these 2 spells you are most likely to out last who ever is hitting you.

    Mantra of Retribution with Retaliation: reflect 60% from ALL damage source, coupled with survival thorn gears means glass cannon built wiz/dh going to die hitting you, if they decide to run then you dash stun + windforce they die either way.

    Earth Ally: Beauty of this build, if you think one of you is not enough, how about 2? earth ally brings in increase dps and 10% extra health pool for moor reflect! and with their taunt your enemy is forced to attack earth ally and receive retaliation damage, while you pummel on them at the same time, no escape.

    Trancedence: increase survival, heals you everytime you dash stun, or use heals
    Pacisfism: keeps you safe when you cant attack
    BoY: reduced cool down to spam your heals

    Basically I think this build is going to mow down most classes maybe other than defensive life leeching barb.

    Let me know what you think, thx for reading.
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    Well we can't know for sure, but based on precedent from WoW, taunts don't have any effect in PvP - nor should they. Unfortunately, human players have this pesky free will and I don't know of a way you could force a taunt on a player without completely removing their control of the character. In either case, Earth Ally is still a decent choice for PvP for the Life bonus. Also, I don't think Retaliation will reflect spell damage, so it will be useful against DH, but not so much Wiz/WD.

    Beacon of Ytar reduces the CD on BoH by 2.25 seconds and Serenity by 3 seconds. Obviously it's up to you, but I think you could find a better use for that passive slot.
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