High Damage and Survability build

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    I have been messing around with the build calculator for the past 3 days trying to create a build that does the following:
    -High Damage
    -High Survivability
    -Primarily Burst with Some sustained damage
    -Negating incoming damage with debuffs while buffing my own damage

    This is a lot to ask from a single build. I think in order to get the most damage for my money I would be using a 2 hander, but I am not sure how the whole 2handerv1hander thing works. Here is the build:
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    I would drop the alabaster rune in both crippling wave and convition aura. Change the conviction aura to crimson, change crippling to obsidian. More effect for the same kind of buffs/debuffs.

    I dont see how that build wouldnt work in any other way tho. Im curious to how much damage incoming there is, else mantra of evasion with an obsidian might be needed together with transendance to keep a decent passive dmg migtation going.

    About 2 handers versus 2x 1handers. I do think 2x 1handers will be better for survivability based builds and wouldnt be much worse doing actual damage. Next to the fact you can stack up more healing per spirit spent and other useful stats, you build up spirit faster and apply debuffs faster and that without having to give up one passive. Its largely unknown yet tho i guess how it will turn out.
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