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    This is basically a skill calculation I made for my friend because he and a couple others including myself want to play D3. He isn't must of a RPG person so he didn't know how to build his character so I made it for him. This is the simplest I can make a healer Monk. I know that instead of Mantra of Conviction, I could have done Mantra of Healing but I personally don't think a person needs more than 3 healing skills.
    I gave him Inner Sanctuary with the Indigo stone because it's for the person who can't really micro or do many things at once. So I gave him that skill so he can protect himself and heal others with time. I also gave him some offensive moves so he won't get sick of Monk. Crippling Wave is mainly so he can knockback anything that comes up in his face. The passive skills are mainly for protection.!YXU!YaYYbY
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    I guess with your reasoning that is a fine build but Id suggest to switch wave of light out for cyclone strike with Soothing breeze if you want a finisher. That is if hell be comfortable with mobs being pulled in. Or lashing tail kick with crimon or something for knockbacks. Currently without gear youre having a 150 spiritpool, and a 100spirit spender that really doesnt do anything but damage will severly limit your ability to use any other spirit spender at the same time.
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    I would change wave of light as well but I would think about something different than knockback. For example Blinding Flash would help you stay out of mobs and in the same time help your team. It's more supportive skill than tail kick.

    If your friend isn't multi tasking maybe he should simply play barb? Smash things! :)
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    I don't really think that is a support build. It seems more like a survival build since there aren't a ton of things that buff the group. Here is my support Monk:!afe!ccbcba

    Theoretically I am putting 100% damage reduction on all units I hit with the Crippling Wave, and 35% increased damage on any enemy I hit with the third strike of Exploding Palm. Add in the utility of heals, flashes, and Serenity's Oh Sh!t mechanic to help save anyone really low and I think this is a very good way to support the rest of your group.
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    I've made an easy to use build that shouldn't be demanding at all but still help the party out a lot..
    keeping the build mostly melee will make it as simple as possible.. so Deadly Reach-Foresight and Crippling Wave-Concussion can be the main two attacks, this starts it off nice with 30%extra damage for 30seconds.. and then reduce the damage taken from mobs near him by 40% for 5 seconds + another 30% from Resolve.. have him focus on just those two skills because they are free and he won't get confused about his spirit running out..

    I agree Mantra of Conviction-Reclamation would be the easiest and most useful mantra to have on as it makes healing passive and Chant of Resonance will make the rest of the party not have to remind him to mantra quite as often plus an extra spirit gain.. and also Inner Sanctuary-Safe Haven for when the party needs breathing room and healing.. plenty of healing with those alone for a beginner..

    I threw in Seven Sided Strike-Several Sided Strike as the big hitter.. as a simple to use skill that will help out in tough times with 1760%wd total while being immune.. and agree with the group uhoh skill of Serenity-Tranquility nice cheap party bubble.. and Seize the Initiative for the extra armor he'll need on the front lines

    keeping him in the front and in the action will keep him playing longer.. if you stick a guy in the back where he gets blamed for not healing properly will insure he finds something better to do elsewhere..
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