Monk/ Priest (support)

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    hello folks, this is my monk build, i think this build is not meant to do lot of dps,
    it is to support a team in a very solid way.

    if you like it try it out when you can.

    here is the link to it:!cfd!cbYbZZ

    I know that Diablo is a very fast peaced game where the more dps you can do and wipe everything is "better", but in hell and inferno i think that some support will be needed since you will be taking lots of dmg and with this build you can directly heal someone and give extra damage buff when done with the passives, you will be able to cast the inner sanctuary and while leaving melee mobs outside of it you can still be heal in good amounts to continue fighting.

    im also thinking to switch the indigo runestone from breath of heaven to golden runestone, but idk it all depends if im short from spirit or not during this style of gameplay.

    thanks for reading.
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