"Newer" Marauder DH looking for help.

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    Hello community, I just recently acquired a full Marauders set and now I want to know how to effectively farm T6 solo.


    Any and all help is nice gems, gear, reforge, spec, paragon etc thank you in advance!
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    What advice do you want?

    You have great gear for T6, even double unity. Just change that shitty 1h to a crossbow and go and kill shit.

    Jeez, kids theese days.

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    you have a lot of work to do :) but u can survive in a group
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    You have collected a decent gear but you still have room for many improvements. I would focus on your weapon mainly, you need a good 2h crossbow with a heavy damage for your sentries. Neck is hard to get (at least for me) but ele dmg on it is a good thing to have. Your RoRG could be upgraded as well.
    In my opinion you are also lacking survivability, if you want to play in group you need to have enough to survive instant skills such as jailer which most likely could one shoot you instantly.
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    I guess I don't understand why a 2H is better can some explain this? Wouldn't faster attack speed be better? Also got some upgrades tonight =)

    As for jailers theydon'thurt me at all with the current neckpiecebut I do want more fire dmg.
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    Notice that a mediocre (2500) 2H's minimum damage is equal to or higher than a high end (2750) 1H? The difference in attack speed of Turrets while wielding a 2H and 1H is very negligable.

    2H xbow's will give you the most damage. Many people (including myself) have tested this.

    I have a 2600 2H xbow, 1H 2800 Nat's and 2H 2750 bow. The attack speed of Turrets is as close as makes no difference between the three weapons. Using a 2H xbow will give you a significant DPS boost over the other two weapon types.
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    A 2H is better because every shot hits for more damage, thus every shot is more effective. Even though the DPS for a 1H and a 2H might be the same, it's just an average. If you look att the damage stat on the weapons you will see that each attack the 1H does is weaker, which makes it require more shots to take down mobs. Basically, even if you shoot faster for less damage, it's in most cases best to shoot slower for more damage (if you just look at damage and not hatred regen etc which is not really relevant). Besides, sentries also counts as pets and are buffed by your Tasker and Theo which makes the slower hits of a 2H become relatively fast anyway, which is great!

    Regarding your gear you should craft a new pair of Reapers Wraps with physical and reroll the SoJ to Physical. All of your pets do physical damage and have their damage increased by T&T as well, so going physical will increase your damage output overall. Try to get a physical amulet as well.

    For skills, you are already using Cluster Arrow: Shooting Stars which is physical so stick with that but change the Multishot to the Full Broadside. Drop the Chakram, you want your sentries to pump out as much damage as possible and Cluster and Multishot are way better, so by dropping Chakram from the rotation will increase you damage too. By dropping Chakram you can also put in Smokescreen with Healing Vapors which will increase your survivability. I don't really know how much toughness you have but with smokescreen on the bar you could probably survive better and might consider changic the Vita socket in the head to a Diamond for Cooldown Reduction, sense that will make you able to put out your sentries faster.
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