How to survive as demonhunter?

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    Im new to demonhunter, i farmed up some nice gear with my monk like the reduction helm and cindercoat and other nice goodies. My dps is about 700 k and 60 fire damage extra.

    Im having troubles with mobs that jump me or elemental damage. My resist are about 500 and 800 physical. I don't find much info about where to spend your paragon points as demonhunter.

    From most builds i see there doesnt seem to be much cc or healing, basicly kill before u die.

    What resist and or vitaly should i aim for for t2-t4. My main problem would be that mobs can kill me quite fast and i don't seem to regain enough life. Most mobs will die in time, but some fast moving mobs can already do alot of damage on me. Having to kite, i don't seem to have enough time to stand still and regain life on hit. Do i need life on hit on gear

    Also whats the difference between a twohander with quiver or two towhanders, does it make any difference, im going with the firebuild.

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    Hey man

    I am a HC only player.
    The only way I heal with my DHs is:"Smoke Screen - Healing Vapors"
    And some Life on Kill.

    Season 1 LIVE
    #1 Europe Level 70 Hardcore
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    the best thing in my opinion is having 4set bonus of marauder (or 3piece + royal ring) which allow your pets to tank a lot of damage, plus smoke screen healing vapors. this is in my opinion the best way to survive on high T
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    okay, but marauder set is not crafted i think? so basicly u use smokescreen till your geared up enough and have marauders?

    i don't see any builds with smokescreen tho. Seems everyone has such good gear that they dont need any survival
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    It's all about balance. you can't just stack vita and expect to be tanky. you have to found out the balance yourself. but sometimes it can be better to go down abit on dmg to get more survivability. 1million sheet dps is worse than 800k sheet dps if you keep dying from stuff that could easily be avoided with some more balance in your gear.

    But basic goals for t2 as demon hunter:
    450k~ hp
    600~ All res
    5k~ Armor

    The rest is up to you. but really it's about feeling your class and not just look what others do and copy paste them. Learning your class will increase your survivability too :)

    I might be wrong, but atleast this is what i am around, and i do just fine on t2-4 groups haven't tryed solo tho.
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    First to the weapon concern. The difference between weapon choices lies purely in what stats you gain, dw gains you crit dmg and 15% ias, while a quiver gives you up to 20% ias, crit chance and +% dmg to skills.
    Generally it is advised to use a quiver, as it is in most cases superior in higher torments, while there are some combinations which are actually interesting, calamity + natalyas slayer is probably the bets of them and quite strong.
    Otherwise it is so that 1h and 2h wepaons for dhs have the same dps ranges, with crossbows being a bit below bows and handcrossbows, as 1h weapons are in direct comparison to 2handers.
    What is the best weapontype in general is a matter of playstyle, crossbows are slow and steady, bows a middle ground of speed and power, a handcrossbow extremely fast with less damage per hit.

    For survivability:
    I personally play t5 currently, have done t6 rifts as t6 malthael and play my dh since d3 release. Survivng as a dh is not about healing yourself, that died with shadow power and life leech in 2.0. dh have a greta skillset for control and mobility, so their strength is to not get hit or even not giving enemies a chance to try to hit you.
    Current builds are very aggressive but in no way glass cannon meant, you simply don't camp in a giant pack of mobs, dodge key abilities keep mobs in check thorugh positioning rather than selfheal or cc/slows. Vault or smoke screen have key roles here, ss allows to drop aggro for its duration with extra effects like speed boosts and little heals while being immune to dmg and it is capable of breaking any cc. Vault is a high mobility and positioning heavy ability with extra gadgets like cost reduction, extra dmg and a stun. It has to be mentioned that you are immune to dmg and cc while performing vault.

    So you want to maximize your opening output and be the one to open combat, rather than being attacked, ambush is awesome for that, as something oneshottet can't harm you and there is barely any white mob whichis fast enough to be a danger that isn't easily killed with an ambush CA.
    otherwise the templar is worth gold with his heal, stun and icnreased hatred/life regeneration, if you lack toughness the boar is a great choice in the wolf's stead.
    Its definetly important for me to survive a good chunk of damage though, so for toughness levels i would aim for something along the lines of 10 million toughness. I have about that level with resis ranging from 700 to 1300, 570k hp, 6k armor, about 40% dodge and 10k life reg, no life on hit or other means of regenerating life through skills. Only templar and my healthpotion. I die rather rarely and if mostly through my own fault of being lazy rather than being overwhelmed and that is on t5.
    Filtering your enemies, prioritising those of most danger like fast or charging ones is also very effective, especially as you can pretty much burst everything if you want to. Everything else is moving intelligent and use resources wisely, if you have to kite or you die it is in 9/10 cases your own fault of doing mistakes gameplay wise.

    It isn't to be mistaken with shoot them before they kill you, as your survival isn't a matter of your damage but by your movement and I certainly don't mean running away and killing things off screen after 10 years of kiting, only a very few mobs can be such a danger, while thats either by their sheer amount or ugly affix combinations in cases of elite mobs, while being squishy for the difficulty level. I can mostly ignore anything in t1 and t2, have to fear barely a thing on t3, t4,5 and 6 are pretty much the only difficulties i ever need to pay attention to what i should dodge and what can hit me and leave just a scratch.
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    If you have high paragon points and don't want to use SS - Healing Vapours then get the LoH/Life Regen (If you don't need the All res) from paragon.

    Mostly it's about dodging damage as a DH though, if you're using Vault, when you see a mob about to jump on you, or getting near you simply Vault away. One thing to note is that Vault will make you invulnerable during the animation so if you time it right you can dodge some of the elemental damage attacks too. When you're kiting you should still be getting in as many attacks as your attack speed will allow, so LoH is still good.

    For T2-4 you'll probably want around 800 All res, 400-500k life and a decent amount of LoH/Life Regen/Life after kill. Not sure how you're gemming but if you are gemming dex, don't be afraid to gem All res if you're not getting enough.

    If you're really struggling for defensives you could even try taking the Perfectionist passive.

    Hope this helped, I currently roll solo T3/4 comfortably with the FoK build or Cluster Arrow build, depending on my mood.
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    okay, its getting better, i forgot to use a follower, now with templar unkillable with the legendary amulet its better hhee

    still wondering whats the best way to use paragon points in the last tree. do u go for area damage or resource cost reduction?

    also do u take max hatred in the first tree or just dex. Also after all resist, do u take armor , life % or life regen.

    i also find it very hard to have enough vitality, since most pieces u gonna want to reroll for more damage, do u guys reroll for vitality when possible

    or reroll for armor on items if u dont have to reroll for damage?
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    resource cost reduction is likely the best option in the last tree, loh or area dmg are a matter of taste after that, both are kinda useful but no must have.

    first tree its pretty much movementspeed until you have the 25% cap together with your gear. After that dex, vit only if you are in dire need of toughness, max hatred is pretty weak, has rarely any impact.

    For vitality, you want to have vitality on shoulders, chest, legs, boots, bracers, head if you don't use andariel and waist. Its also entirely viable to have gloves with dex/vit/chd/cc instead of trifecta, the ias is not overly important and totally expendable. Quiver is also a good option for vitality, as you only have that rivaled by elite dmg and hate reg, which are no must have on a quiver.
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    I love playing with the shadow power ability with the gloom rune keep me alive all the time. it works well with my frostbolt and vengeance build! Never tried smoke screen before but been hearing it is also a good choice!
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    First i would try to find relic for templar that makes him immortal + Garwulf cloak u can get it from kadala. Wolfs + templar are very nice combo to tank everything i do T6 Hell rift in a4 with no problems. As for the rifts i can easily do T2-T3 while solo most white mobs die instantly. The only good survival ability in my opinion is Smoke screen with Healing Vapors.
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    As much as survive-ability has to do with gear it also has a large part to do with play style and how well you utilize your skills such as (smoke screen & vault) or if you play with people (distraction for mobs). Basic principle is if you keep dying add AR or VIT to gear until you get to a point where you feel comfortable it will be different for each DH.
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    Fan of Knives - Bladed Armor 65%additional armor

    Boar - life reg increased allres

    Perfectionist - 10%more armore life allres reduced disc costs

    %Life on shoulders Helm

    Allres on anywhere you can fit except jewelry gloves those are for dps as DH (mainstat trifecta eledmg bla)

    agreeing with everything else rykhe said as a release player myself but i´ve to correct him because playing facetank DH is still possible just requires tons of finetuning and doubbleunity +godmode token.

    you can reach around 50-60k healing with shadow power blood moon - the faster you hit the better your LoH thus naturally it´s perfect for dualwield and rather bad for xbowing.

    you can get 4kish lifereg from templar another 8kish from boar and 8kish from paragon thats a lot of math you do the rest.

    you can hadouken
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    Quote from Megamidgit

    Mostly it's about dodging damage as a DH...

    You will get a lot better at dodging stuff the more you play as well, practice helps a lot. Bad wall ins (LOVE MY KULLE-AID!), nightmarish fears or thunderstorms aside other affix damage is completely avoidable almost all the time with good prediction and reaction.
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