DH - Your Expansion Wishlist

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    the eDPS is awful. No question. 350k unbuffed and the only thing that does damage is spike traps and rapid fire. Everything else is a waste of time and only tickles monsters.

    The only reason DH even stands a chance is because of gloom / night stalker. My DH never dies even against insane packs (just stand and face tank), but her damage output is severely hampered even with really expensive gear.
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    I really like the idea of a demon hunter ability, like the warcraft 3 demon hunter. Something that's similar to archon, with higher edps and tweaked defenses.
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    DH (with wizzard) imo is best looking and feeling class in play. But he got really bad damage output in comparison to wizz and rest of classes. DH needs imo:
    1. increased damage output of DH's skills. especially Loaded for bear should be like 2000% weapon damage. Now its just funny
    2. redesign shadow power, give life steal in other places
    3. rebalance bows and just useless traps
    4. give some ablities to fight with mele weapon, i would like to see legendary daggers for stealth DH
    5. more AOE, only class with rly bad AOE damage (again buff to LFB)
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    Meele DH pwning mobs with daggers or something - daggers don't have huge use, Why don't make them signature weapons like one handed xbows, DH already has stealth ability/ fan of knives etc etc .. could be a great rogue-like class
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