[Guide] Multishot Crit Build

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    This is a Multishot oriented build that focuses on %critical chance and %critical damage. The objective is to hit the Critical strike chance gear/buff cap of 75%, thus enabling you to one shot normal mobs with a single volley of Multishot. The skills of this build are secondary to the actual gear necessary to make it work properly. High average damage, CC, and CD are crucial to ensure mobs die to one critical hit, as well as the additional 15-16% Critical hit offered by Quiver + SOJ. Increased attack speed has almost no significance to this build.

    Gear Setup:
    This setup will yield 65% chance to Critically hit, and another 15-16% chance to critically hit with Multishot.

    Any helm with 6% CC and 100+ Dex.
    A cheap rare or Tal-rashas-guise-of-wisdom can be picked up fairly cheap on the AH.

    Rare with 10% CC and Hgh CD.

    Anything with High Dex.


    Anything with 10% CC, High Dex, and High CD.

    Anything with 6% CC and high Dex.





    Anything with 6% CC, High Dex, and High CD.

    Stone-of-jordan with 7-8% CC on Multishot.

    Cold damage is a plus, but is not necessary.
    Any attack labeled as %physical or %elemental will transform the cold damage from the SOJ to that the respective element of the chosen skill. Thus such skills will not slow targets. A skill must only be described as %weapon damage in order for the Cold SOJ to slow targets. Multishot Full Broadside and Hungering Arrow are two skills that benefit from a cold SOJ.

    Dead-mans-legacy with 10% CC and 8% CC on Multishot.

    Skill Setup:

    Caltrops - Bait the Trap:

    This skill grants some defense to the player, but more importantly an additional 10% CC when the player is standing in the caltrops. Since Disc skills do not share a cast time with Hatred skills this is easily setup milliseconds before firing Multishot. This in turn brings the DH to the gear/buff cap of 75%, which in combination with the SoJ and Quiver yields a total of 91% CC for Multishot.

    Multishot - Fire at Will:

    At 90-91% CC ensures that there is a 99% chance you will crit every mob in front of you with 2 volleys of Multishot.

    The Full Broadside rune is an option as well, but this will force you into using your generator much more often. It could allow you to effectively one shot mobs in higher MPs as well. its also listed as %wpn dmg, thus it will slow using a cold SOJ!

    Hungering Arrow - Spray of Teeth

    At 75% Crit Chance Spray of teeth averages out to about 235% weapon damage single target, and offers a small aoe. This yields more single target damage than Multishot, unless you are using the Full Broadside rune.

    Shadow Power - Gloom

    This is your primary defensive ability.

    Preparation - Battle Scars

    Ensures you maintain sufficient disc to maintain Shadow Power and Caltrops. Not absolutely necessary for low MPs, but a nice ohh shit button nevertheless.

    Companion - Bat Companion

    Multishot is very expensive, and you need this bat to ensure you continue to firing Multishot instead of a less efficient generator.

    Added Defense and cheaper disc skills.

    More Crit Damage for higher crits

    20% more dmg
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    If you have any questions or comments or anything, then just let me know.
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    bump hump dump
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    Quote from morbidlymystic

    The objective is to hit the Critical strike chance gear/buff cap of 75%,

    Is there a cap on CC ?
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    Theres no cap on cc, theres a cap on caltrops though which is 75%.

    @Guide:Its a nice guide and its working but what we really need is something to work mp5upwards with all those juicy buffs to drops and xp on higher mp :(
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