There´s my thoughts on Demon Hunter equipment choices

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    Hi everyone. I had some time to spare and some questions to answer myself and i wanna share the results with you.

    I had some discussions with friends and i got some questions from random people and theres the most asked questsions and my thoughts on it.

    I dont make a difference between dps and ehp/defensive stats since i think that its all about balance. Most items offer the same options anyway so its up to anybody to choose dex over vit and vice versa, its only a matter of price but its the same on all the options.

    I calced most of the stuff based on my crappy dh, there can and will be differences so if theres stuff i messed up or that cna be different and i dindt think about it please tell me.

    I choose questions and answer since thats the easiest to read imo.

    I dont discuss gloves, shoulders and amulet since its all about rares there anyway.

    [b]1)What if...legendary revamp comes (all legendarys with lvl63stats)will my items loose all their value?[/b]
    // Nope.
    Boj-Anglers may compete with nat boots but they wont be imba unless Blizz fails, again.
    Beckon Sail could be a serious competitor for the chest but then again if they dont mess up it wont be imba but an option with ias.
    Its gonna be one or the other, loosing 7cc should be too much, so its either boots+ring or chest+ring.
    I couldnt think of another really seriously strong lowlvl item except the signet ofc but i dont want to think about leveling stuff.

    [b]2)Is it worth picking a chest with runspeed?[/b]
    Runspeed is worth about 100stats (climbers vs nats, rare pants vs innas) with emphasis on ehp.
    Both armors with runspeed loose about 300stats to the set chests (inquisitor vs nats, tyraels vs inna).

    [b]3)Which chest should i pick then, inna or nats?[/b]
    //It depends.
    Inna has like 100stats over the nat armor and its easier to get high dex on innas.
    Still, most of that is defensive stats, the 6%melee reduction makes most of the difference.
    On the other hand Nats can have a skill %bonus which is worth a lot, for elemental arrow (i know its on the quiver and cant be on the chest) its nearly 300stats worth of dmg that u gain.
    So if you play with one of the skills on Nat chest and you can get one with nice %dmg its worth it since it will do at least 50%of your dps=150stats.
    To play Chakram its mandatory to use nat cheste and chakram are a lot of fun:)

    To sum it up, innas looks better on the sheet while nat looks better ingame, literally.
    Both are a nice choice!

    [b]4)Which pants should i pick?[/b]
    Theres no competition for innas. If you really need a lot of ehp rare pants could be valid though.

    [b]5)Should i use Lacuni?[/b]
    //You can but you shouldnt.
    Best possible (is 100dex+100vit possible? I assume it is) lacuni give about 800stats+runspeed.
    Good crafts give 900stats, insane crafts that are as perfect as those lacuni (and still a lot cheaper i assume) add armor+%life to those 900stats.
    The only piece to exchange runspeed for stats are the climbers, they offer 100stats over nat boots.
    Theres nothing wrong with picking lacuni an d theres no need to sell them but i doubt those great lacuni exist while i already saw some over 900stats crafts.
    Most people will profit on crafts and most dh dont want maxed attackspeed.

    [b]6)Crit Mempo is soooo good i HAVE to buy one right?[/b]
    Thats the long version, put together from a conversation with a friend.
    The best andariels face with low %fire damage has 269dex+100vit+4,5cc+9ias and some nice adds like poison resist (MOST IMPORTANT ONE NOW).
    The best mempo has 200dex, 80@, 6cc, 9ias, 12%life+18%life. Thats sick isnt it?:D

    Comparing them its 729stats+nice adds compared to 780stats without the %life.
    %life is situational but lets assume 350stats for it.

    Without the %life id say that Andariels is as good, life regen and poison resist are a nice addon but the %life is totally killer.

    The only problem being the price isnt it? You can get such a near perfect andariels for 250m quiet often while a mempo will go for at least 20times as much with only 8ias and below 195dex.

    A mempo that, with luck, can be bought for below 500m is something like, at best, 3,5cc,195dex, 80@ and 12%life. Thats double the price of an andariels but its still a really nice helmet, right?
    Thats about 500stats+350stats for %life and it got closer.
    I might want to argue that, for a dh, life and dps beat life and allresist and that regen is nice to have, same as poison resist.

    My conclusion on this is, that you get an as good andariels for half the price of a mempo if theres a budget.
    Without a budget the sick 6cc mempo for 25b wins of course:)

    Back to the question, if i want a mempo to get my life up, should i buy one with cc?
    You get 375stats on a mempo for below 500m. Thats 175stats and there wont be any problems with life if you get a mempo with dex+vita roll.
    175stats equals about 4,5cc with a slight favor towards cc since that has some additional uses outside raw dps.
    So thats a 500m mempo vs a 1b mempo considering its use and therefore buying a crit mempo below 5cc is a waste of money.
    Getting 5or6cc is up to anybody to minmax their character since it is best in slot.

    We are DH, what about our Set?
    The Nat helmet offers a maximum of 300stats, 6cc, 400armor, 18%life over the other choices.
    Thats about 850stats for a near perfect helmet that i dont even know if it exists(i dont watn to check d3progress^^).
    Thats a lot worse then the best mempo and im not sure that it will be less expensive.
    I assume that you can get 750stats for below 500m and therefore match the andariels in terms of stats.
    -6cc Mempo is the best helmet, period. 1100stats is sick.

    -Andariels is the best value, its half cost for a very good andariels compared to an as good mempo.

    -Mempo below 5%crit are a waste of money and you are better off buying one with dex+vit, 4,5cc depends on the market.

    -Nats is the best helmet if you need the discipline and its maybe thebest helmet for slow, elemental arrow builds.

    -Even though mempo is nice and valuable, remember your budget and dont spend more then 20%(thats even too much but cc mempo feels good^^) on the helmet.

    [b]7)Do i need to buy legacy Nats?[/b]
    //Nope. If you own one or get it cheap dont sell/buy it though:)
    Nightstalker totally solves the discipline problems on mp above mp3 so in the end its 1passive slot vs a lot of stats.
    But...thats another discussion:D

    [b]8)Should i use a soj or unity or rare?[/b]
    Discipline is nice and valuable, the skill bonus is at least worth 150stats and dmg vs elites is worth a lot too.
    Outside of some weird trash farming as dh i dont see the point in getting a rare or unity.
    A great rare or unity with soj and no nat ring may be an option, i doubt that there will more value in buying a sick unity vs a nice natring+130dex bonus (or even the 20discipline).

    [b]9)Whats better, witching hour or innas belt?[/b]
    //It depends on the setup and on what you wanna do.
    For a slow, elemental arrow build with a rare black weapon innas can be as good or even better then a nice wh. With manticor its wh all the way.
    Best in slot should be wh, innas belt has limited potential.

    [b]10)Whats your dream itemsetup?[/b]
    [url=]There it is[/b]
    Very nice dmg with nat set, i imagine its nice to play like that.
    Other then/without the sick stuff like he has (those crafts...) i guess that atm i want a dh like that:
    -Craft bracer, shoulder, gloves, amulet
    -Sick rare (1500dps, socket, 75%+cd, ll) or a nice Calamity.
    -Dead mans
    -Inna legs+belt or inna legs+wh. It depends:)

    PS: I really dont like blackthornes set, its totally defensively and we dont need that much defense.
    Every counter argument has tank and dh in it and thats nothing that should go together.

    PSS: Some of the values that iv gotten for good/best in slot choices and slots:
    -Head: 1100stats=6cc mempo.900stats is really good already
    -Armor: About 750stats
    -Pants: about 600stats+runspeed
    -Boots: About 600stats+runspeed
    -Bracer:About 800for some nice crafts, 800stats+runspeed for best possible insanely non existen lacunis, 1000for sick crafts
    -Belt: About 750stats for a really good wh.
    I guess its nice to see that if you really wanna minmax a budget build for (especially for those who spend a lot on belts^^)those slots.
    I really dont want to do it for jewelry and weapons at the moment, but maybe somebody wants to calculate weapon vs gear at least:)
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    Pointless text wall, and incomplete for a gearing guide.
    I really don't see why you made the thread, when there are already a lot of guides and vids on how to gear up your hunter.
    You're about 4 months too late
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    Interesting arguments. Worth checking out.
    Conform or be cast out.

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    little typo at 3.

    On the other hand innas can have a skill %bonus which is worth a lot, for elemental arrow (i know its on the quiver and cant be on the chest) its nearly 300stats worth of dmg that u gain.

    Think its suppose to say On the other hand, Nats can have a %bonus

    To the rest, nothing i didnt already knew, sry. But i can emagine newly started dh's could use it, since its been some time since i've see a dh gear guide
    Regards DreamWalker

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    "little typo at 3."

    "To the rest, nothing i didnt already knew, sry"
    "Pointless text wall, and incomplete for a gearing guide."
    I know that everybody can figure it out by himself, but i had to go through it anyway for myself so i added some text to my notes.
    Its not incomplete, the missing slots are no brainers, there its rares and only rares and since crafts are the best at those slots i cant tell u what you should craft since its based on luck.

    "there are already a lot of guides and vids on how to gear up your hunter"
    I didnt find one that went into value and i didnt find one that compared the potentials of items on the idfferent slots.

    "But i can emagine newly started dh's could use it"
    Yeah...if theres some stupid guy who starts to play dh in the current state of the game:D

    My reason to post it was more to get some feedback on(if there are any) mistakes then to make a guide.
    DH is weak so we need to use any possible potential and i really dont see a whole lot of dh use those potentials rather then using a crappy 3%cc, 156dex mempo they spent all the budget on together with soem crappy lacunis since everybody uses them.
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    This is a pretty decent guide that shows you how to gear up:
    This is a good guide for how to spec and what build to use, also you can mix them around a bit:
    It was all done months ago.
    I didn't try to piss on your parade, I just didn't see the point in your thread
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    I dont accept a guide recommending lacuni for a dh as good, im sry:)
    Its alright and i watched it back when he released it but again, I DONT WANT TO MAKE A GUIDE.
    I want to share what i calced and thought about which items to use, including the only real questions with hard math to back it up.
    I also want some feedback on the choices but it seems i didnt do any mistakes and thats fine, let it drop, i know the stuff for sure now:)
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