Next upgrade ? 180m budget

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    Hi all.
    Looking at a variety of items in the AH i have noticed that a 70-80m upgrade will only boost my dps by 10k max.

    I have also tried and noticed that for around 30m i can buy a 2 socket manticore with ~1100 dps, but the AS is so slow compared to calamity that i dont know if i should buy one.

    Also a 100m nata ring with some average damage wont boost me too much.

    My neck can only be replaced with similar + AS which is EXPENSIVE as hell.

    The gloves i am working on crafting so i wont be spending money on that.

    A 260+ Vile ward will only offer me somewhat like 3k dps for a very high cost.

    What can i really upgrade for that money ?

    Thank you for your answers in advance
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    The manti with 2 sockets is a much bigger upgrade than you might think.
    It should give you a clear 50k dps increase. And the manti also scales up much nicer with the avarage dmg on the rings and amulet.
    And for some speed in farming, I would suggest dropping smoke screen. You already use Gloom, it's overkill. Pick up a bat or a boar.
    I prefer the boar, it tanks a lot of mobs, making me proffit more from steady aim.
    You might also want a windforce for your scoundrel, they are dirt cheep and the knock-back effect it's awesome when it chain procs (just make sure you get one with 49% knockback)
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    thanks for the swift reply.

    With a manticore wont my AS drop dramatically ? What would be a nice dps for a 2 socket manti, considering my budgetary restrictions ?
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    AS will drop, but the crits will be a lot bigger, and you will be able to 1 shot mobs.
    For your budget I guess a 1100 dps manti would be affordable.
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    I personally like Calamity better, it might hit lower but hits come faster and you can benefit a lot from that single fact.

    What exactly do you mean by "wont boost me much"? there's a point in our gear where we pay millions for a little dps upgrade cause there's nothing else, so I dont know.
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