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    First off, a small disclaimer. This is a thread about me wanting help building my DH around a Windforce. I know that a Manticore is better for dps, and I don't care, I want a Windforce build. Anyone that posts just to tell me to get a Manticore will be reported for trolling :)

    Found my first Windforce recently and tried it out. Loads of fun :) I can't explain it, but I much prefer a 2h bow over a hand crossbow or 2h crossbow. It's purely psychological, maybe something to do with the noise, I don't know. Now I've found a bow that I like (the graphics and built in stats) I'm dying to try and find a build and other gear to use around it.

    As far as I'm concerned, I'll be happy with 90-150k dps and that shouldn't be too hard to achieve with a half decent Windforce. I'd rather have just enough dps to fly through MP0 Paragon runs and enjoy playing it than have cookie cutter a Manticore build that I don't enjoy, even if it is easier to get higher dps with one. I know, I'm strange. Getting Paragon up to 60+ is going to take some time, I'd rather enjoy getting there than feel it's a chore.

    So what stats should I focus on? Tri-gear is going to be too expensive, so which of the three would I drop? Try to balance all three across different gear? What about gem? Ruby or Emerald better for it?

    What about skills? What would be a good build for quick and efficient MP0 Paragon runs?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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    Some time ago I also decided to make a DH and build her around a Windforce instead of the default Manticore. I have to say that it works pretty well: decent damage and very good crowd control. Granted, I play hardcore, so for me the lower DPS is definitely worth the added survivability.

    Regarding stats, if trifecta is too expensive for you (as it was for me as well on hardcore) then you can either go for crit chance and damage (if you want most DPS) or for crit chance and attack speed (for more CC procs). The choice for a ruby or emerald should be made based on your current or expected stats and if you use an online DPS calculator then it isn't too hard to find out which would be better.

    You can find the build I run on my profile, but you basically want a skill with a high proc coefficient to maximize the Windforce proc. The two skills with the highest proc coefficients are Entangling Shot with the Shock Collar rune (1.6 per shot) and Hungering Arrow with the Cinder Arrow rune (1.3 per shot) due to the first DoT ticks counting as an additional hit. Entangling shot has a nice slow, which is why I picked it, but Hungering Arrow does more damage. I picked the standard Ball Lightning for clearing large groups and Spike Trap with Echoing Blast is simply amazing damage, especially because you can keep champions on the traps with the Windforce knockback proc. Smoke Screen and Preperation are meant to save my ass if I get in trouble and Vault can be used for that as well, but together with the Tactical Advantage passive you can really rush through MP0 in a breeze with Vault Tumble.

    Link to my profile:
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    You can try my build, see how it works.
    If you don't like the companion, you can always get preparation with battle scars or back up plan.
    As for gear, look at my profile, try to get something similar. My gear without the manticore was about 100 mill.
    If you are really into the Windforce, then try to get one with 49% knock back. One for you and one for your scoundrel, you'll enjoy the pinball efect :-)
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    ball lightning works great with a windforce since it knocks mobs back as the ball moves through them, resulting in them receiving extra shocks from the ball
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    Thanks for the suggestion!

    At the moment I've been running with Hungering Arrow (teeth) for single shot damage, and Ball Lightning because I've got a Dead Man's Quiver with +elemental arrow. Vault with Tumble for escaping and companion bat to keep the hatred up. I've got about 2.2 attack speed with my Windforce, and I can spam Ball Lightning for ages. Have Caltrops and Multishot as well, but hardly use them as I've had little need on MP1 (my testing ground. If I can do well on MP1, farming Paragon on MP0 will be perfect).

    I've been using the Templar still since have the Cull the Weak passive in the past and wanting his slow effect, but tempted to switch to a Scoundrel now for double Windforce procs. Pinball sounds like fun :D

    Only slightly upgraded my gear with a few crafts and topped 100k dps with her at last. Not too shabby, and good enough for what I'm after, but have one more ring to upgrade before I'm ready to go. I've not played with her much yet, but it's certainly the most fun I've had with a DH for ages.
    "It takes a man with real make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep." - Clive Barker
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    As celade pointed out, it's great for survivability. I can farm MP7-8 just standing in the mobs, excluding some elite packs.I can tank Diablo MP10 with it as well. I only upgraded to the gloves and mempo last weekend, had 220k dps before that. Worked just fine with a rare dex/crit/allres head and dex/ias/CD/allres/vit gloves.

    I don't bother with 4set nat because... no need.

    I tend to use cluster arrow from time to time, for a change.
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