PirateCaptn's Strafe Codex

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    I'm not sure if I can just link my guide I wrote on reddit or if I need to copy/paste. Please advise and I will comply.
    Also, is this the correct place to post Class specific guides?

    I wrote a compilation of my thoughts on the Demon Hunter Strafe Based Farming builds.
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    Alright going to post my guide.

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    Whoa, that is great Piratecaptn! Thanks! Looks great so far! About to finish up and try some of your advice. Keep up the good work!
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    I am not the most active DH there is, but this is my take on strafe;

    #1 Strafe inherently sucks, lacking the raw aoe power that pretty much is needed for "efficient" farming. This can however be psuedo-fixed with rockets.
    #2 Strafe owns, you can constanly be shooting and moving, and there are several skills that can be used "in strafe" - this needs to be exploited to it's fullest.
    #3 It is fun

    So that in mind I strafe like this:


    Rockets/Sentries somewhat make up for the lack of aoe capability by just pouring out projectiles at a multitude of targets all the time. Basicly you're attack between 1-6 targets at any given time with two sentries.

    For changes: Prep away when you have enough hatred reg/pu radius. Maybe caltrops in for the tort ground thing or fan of knives with aura rune.

    edit1: of course i run the templar for extra hatred regen; this build cleans up pretty well in mp1 with only ~60k damage (my dh is balls), windforce knockback + strafe = very safe guy no need for escapes most of the time, and when a time like that occurs. just gloom your way outta there.
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