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    Hey peeps!

    Iam so unbelievably in doubt! I started playing D3 as a DH, which i really like! I also made a WD after a few days and i lvld them about at the same time to 60. Ive spent more time on my DH but not by much.

    The problem is.... when i start playing my DH i go and play my WD after like 1 hour, after that i think, damn my DH is more fun and i switch back and forth. This has been going on since i started playing them from lvl 1!!! But since iam a casual player i dont want to spend time building 2 characters in the following months/years. I want to focus on gearing/playing only 1, but wich one !! aaarghhhh
    The gear is about equal, not bad but not great either, i want to make the final choice soon, will i keep playing my DH or my WD?!

    So iam asking you guys in the DH forum to help me choose, why (since you guys play DH) do you think i should keep playing my DH instead of my WD?! Any special things i should keep in mind when picking.

    You can check both chars on my profile :

    I switch my gems with my chars so the dps stats might not be right.
    Sorry about english, not my main language!

    Thx in advance!
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    Play whats fun, I had a wizard when they were OP (that didnt last long). But I didnt like the play style. I switched class to a DH and I love it! I cant die (I have legacy nats) and my damage if huge. But that dont mean sh@t if you dont like the play style
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