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    So i stopped playing my DH long ago, when paragon first came out and switched to a monk. Is glass cannon still where its at? Is any of my gear still any good? Do i need vit and resistances now? Any advice helps.
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    From you looking at your monk, you seem to know how to stack CC and CHD. The same should be done on your DH while having some RA (250+) and health (30k+) to stay alive. While you play your DH, borrow the belt and pants from your monk to see a nice dmg bonus. Also lend your DH the Vile Ward from your monk =)
    Lastly, try getting hold of a decent Dead Man's Legacy quiver. they're pretty cheap.
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    Well if u farm lower MP which DH are more effective at imo. You should try and get like ~300-350~ all res and then get some decent HP ~30-40k HP depending on your budget and then just up your dps like mad along with those stats.

    Most important items and first that you should get are a double socket manticore and dead man's legacy. U can get decent ones and they wont be too expensive. And if u want to play your DH just borrow some gear from you monk as Niddro said.
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    tbh there are some really nice cheap 1socket mants which give u more dps than some mediocre 2 socket mants..
    check around anything from 1200+, 11% att speed +80chc mants
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