Rate the Demon Hunter above you

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    give us some dh's to rate ^_^
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    Quote from Wierdal

    All but vile ward was found and trying to gather up some gold for an upgrade. Not sure what will give me my largest bang right now. I got options. Current build is for A2 key farming.

    My battle.net: us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wierdal-1470/
    D3Up: d3up.com/b/94569

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    Well, since all i got was "Cool one", shoot :D constructively!
    Currently looking for an innaschest btw..

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    Mine upgraded since last time
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    @ Raz0r_boy : hellfire rings on merc's makes me cry. Nice freaking ammy! no socket in andy's makes me cry too. You don't run out of Disc? We can't rate you. But you have some gear that can be upgraded (left ring tri$$$) 9.832/10

    @ Pscyzo : I think your scoundrel has more crit than I do... Nice budget build. Traps + sentry's = fun. Nice resists. 6.5/10 Wish I could give you a 100% crit gem.

    Think I need some Inna's pants + nat pieces...any other sugestions?
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    ^ nat boots + witching hour aswell, too much all res, too little damage..
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    Quote from bnn

    ^ nat boots + witching hour aswell, too much all res, too little damage..

    I will never be able to afford that kind of gear. 500% crit damage with a 2 hander.

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    Interesting build for a budget. The double-Hatred reduction on impale isn't something I've seen, so definitely points for originality there. Justice is Served seems like it would be really low damage as a builder, though. I'm not sure how well your hatred regen is within that build, but I'd think that going for more IAS and higher crit chance would really help - higher IAS would allow a different builder that could do more damage.

    - 7 /10

    Here's mine: us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Stede-1203/hero/2007301

    Grabbed Andariel's last night. I do have Nat's Helm, I just don't run it unless I'm on higher MP. Reflect always gets me as soon as I stop paying attention, but otherwise I can gloom through it. Been thinking a lot about trying Nightstalker, but it's hard to sub out another passive. I fly through MP5, and MP7 isn't bad - until me and my permafrost wiz bud tried to take on Seigebreaker and Kulle.
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    Wow, that's a lot of hatred-dependant talents you have! I'd consider having either Spike Traps or Sentry (def Sentry for ubers) and pick up Lingering Fog, 10% crit Caltrops, or Prep.

    Good gear, looks to be on the right track.

    I'm not dropping Legacy Nat's, at least not now. Yes, I'm leaving 40-50k on the table but the disc regen is something I've had since it was 0.48 Disc/sec. Tough to give up.
    Conform or be cast out.

    My Demon Hunter: http://tinyurl.com/anufqzj

    Demon Hunter spreadsheet by Dretar http://www.diablofans.com/topic/46517-demon-hunter-dps-calculator/
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    Quote from Analogkid

    I'm not dropping Legacy Nat's, at least not now. Yes, I'm leaving 40-50k on the table but the disc regen is something I've had since it was 0.48 Disc/sec. Tough to give up.

    Well, not much to comment there. There is absolutely no reason to drop legacy Nats if you have 300k DPS already.


    I only wonder why using Spike Trap that is stationary. Cluster Arrow would be absolutely brutal with your stats and it would be a lot more flexible. Clearly BL and HA is enough but CA could be use to blow elite packs in matter of 2 seconds.
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    Awesome DH Analgokid.

    My DH @ butch#1749

    Recently swapped steady aim with tactical advantage. I lost 40k dps, but it did sped up my mp5 runs in the end as i don't kite much and tank most of the champ/elite packs.
    Targeting a weapon upgrade atm (probably Manticore), but only have ~170mil now which won't me get any good one.

    Any input welcomed.
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    ^ low cd else it look fine, maybe some better inna pants and definitely a witch hour instead of inna
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    Probably a bit different build-wise from what we are all used to see:


    Sorry, not allowed to post yet...
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    Haven't played for a while. Any new builds I could use with my current gear?
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    nice build for manly rares, missing ias on gear but great damage vs elites
    would appreciate a rate or advice/tips on build http://eu.battle.net...47/hero/1380017
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    Quote from robbietea

    nice build for manly rares, missing ias on gear but great damage vs elites
    would appreciate a rate or advice/tips on build

    Pretty good gear, but not a whole lot of survivebility, I prefer to partake of the green and then zone out and only half pay attention, So I built way more EHP Psychatog#1575 US
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    hey , guys , rate my dh pls
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    Quote from brownspider


    Some decent gear, but I'd give 7/10. RA is a bit low. A good Manticore would probably be an upgrade, but you're looking at ~40m+ and you'd lose a good bit of your vitality. Vile Ward with vitality would be a good upgrade too. That's a pretty nice Nat's Reflection, given how much the god ones go for. I really don't like Inna's 2-set - the vitality loss on the pants (generally the slot with the highest potential vitality roll) is just too huge, and Nat's Embrace would give you the +130 Dex bonus - AND you could find one with a +10% to one of your damage skills. Witching Hour is nice. A cheap upgrade could be some Strongarm Bracers - you'd likely lose some vitality but gain some RA and armor - might be worth spreadsheeting, but your EHP might actually go up. A DML with 19%+ ias would be good, too. An Andariel's with an open socket would be nice to have, as well. Oh, and that is an awesome amulet!

    Gonna re-post mine as I made a lot of gear-switches over the weekend. I'm really not sure what Analogkid meant further up by saying I had a lot of hatred-dependent talents - I had 2 spenders and 1 builder with 10+ passive regen (I usually only put up guardian turret for mitigation, so I guess I wasn't counting that). Profile isn't updated, but I usually run bolas / traps with archey, nightstalker, and perfectionist. RA sits at 400, even and Damage is closer to 170k. I'd really like to roll a Hellfire ring with CC and maybe pickup a Nat's Reflection with it, but those can be pretty expensive.

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    Quote from GuyGaxx

    Quote from fragdieb

    Quote from GuyGaxx

    Quote from Laekoth

    Perhaps if i had more luck i would of found something that would sell for more then 500k.

    If you've been on a budget, pretty nice job. I'd say 7/10. 2 things right off the bat. Get Vengeance instead of Night stalker. You don't have the crit to make NS work well, and vengeance is awesome for the extra hatred.

    More CD. I'm at the same kind of place and trying to get more. Ammy looks like a great place, since it can have 65. Plus, you should be fine without all the MF there.

    Last, it shouldn't be too hard to find a chest upgrade. That one is pretty middle of the road.


    hmm decent dh, but I assume, too low dmg now there is monsterpower. but there's room for upgrades. maybe try to get a 2nd part of the natalyas. I like that you play bow-A-zon. I give you a 5 out of 10.

    Watch my mindmg!

    Yah, dmg is a little low right now, but I JUST broke 100k, so now I'm optimizing. Loving the bow though. Was running Multishot with the Disci rune before, and basically had perma-gloom (do you find Fire at Will better?). As for Nats, i keep trying but every option so far (under 100mil) has been a ddowngrade, even with the 2pc. I'm thinking boots has to be the way to go. Facerolling MP3, but I'd like to be farming MP5.

    I only get a 5? /sadface

    You could upgrade the ammy on a pretty tight budget i think. And you might be able to bump your health a lot by trading some vit for life%.

    Yep, I find fire at will to be a lot better.
    About the ammy, actually I'd like to have one with ias, cd, cc, average dmg/dex, hard to find one and can't afford :(.
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