I want to Push 200k dps - Looking for Feedback

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    Diablo Armory: ---us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SciOps-1355/hero/371367---
    *edit: Aparently I cant post URLs yet*

    I am looking to get my DH around 200k+ damage while maintaining/gaining survivalibty. I can run MP 10 but it takes FOREVER and I feel MP2 farming could be faster. There are upgrades to be had but with these rediculous prices on the AH for a mempos or a decent ring its impossible. How is my gear as is? Should I change something? Should a new manticore with 2 sockets be my next purchase?

    Say I drop 120 dex and go to a 160-195 dex manticore with two sockets would this be an upgrade? I am not sure what iam looking for on the bow that can increase my damage.

    My resistance's are pretty low and so is my health.

    Life: 31,9k Health
    Crit Chance: 52%
    Crit Damage: 350%
    Dex: 2584
    All Resist: 280-350
    Armor: 3902
    Damage: 150k
    Discipline: 43

    Basically, I don't know where to go from here and was wondering if anyone had some ideas where I should start gearing next. I have some money but not the 220+ mill needed for some of these rings or mempos.

    Thank you in advance...
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    Do you really need the +disc on quiver and chest (I see you have nightstalker)? If not, you can add 100 dex to each piece for like 10M, or you can get a quiver with +elemental arrow for a huge 12%+ effective dps (I assume you use EA most of the time). The ias on quiver is also important and 14% is kinda low for deadman. 100 extra vit on quiver also does not increase the price much.

    You can get more vit or dex on inna pants for not too expensive, which may allow you to drop vit on shoulders and add more dex there.

    For your weapon, I think you need a spreadsheet. I suggest looking for non-manticore, no dex xbow with cd and socket with like 1300+ dps. They are not too expensive, the +physical dmg is better for your inna belt than manticore's poison dmg, and the sheer dps should give you higher paper dps, but you should check spreadsheet before investing. (Or just use the item link trick to see the dps change in-game)
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    Next upgrades without spending a fortune...

    - New Xbow

    1 socket +1200dps with high dex(+170) roll manticore and +90% ccd.

    - New Quiver

    20% IAS and 10% CC

    - New rare ring

    +5,5% cc, dex, high avg. dmg(+40) and ccd
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    fastest route would be a new manticore

    1.3k+dps with as high dex as possible and a 100% crit gem

    next is the quiver
    one with 20 ias 10 cc
    your yellow ring is quite bad.. use one with dex ias cc cd.. if you can't afford, choose dex and 2 of the other properties i mentioned but make sure they're almost maxed out.

    with steady aim it's a little below 320 without follower.
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    Manticore's are always a good upgrade, mempo would be good also and since they're not that expensive anymore...

    You'll need a deadman's legacy also, this will help upgrading you're vitality. Inna's chest is also good for dex and vit but expensive with good rolls.
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    Thank you all so much! I have an Idea where Iam going to go from here. You guys rock! :D
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    I would argue against Manticore unless you can afford very good one. You can easily, and much cheaper, get to 200k DPS by using rare crossbow. Rare crossbow with physical damage will also work better with Inna's Favor because % elemental damage works of physical (white) weapon damage only.

    I have quickly simulated 1200 DPS Manticore as suggested earlier in this topic. DPS gain was approximately 28.9k, the same stats crossbow but only physical damage would gain additional 5.4k DPS (or total of 34.3k). The additional gain is the elemental damage bonus from Inna's Favor.

    You can surely get rare crossbows with socket and critical hit damage (CHD) cheaper than Manticore. Alternatively, you can look for 1.4k DPS rare crossbow with socket and additional stats, such as DEX or VIT, without CHD, as that stats makes weapon a lot more costly. You will get similar or better results for significantly less gold.

    Manticore is overpriced piece of gear that has little benefit and many downsides to it unless you are picking up top of the line piece, which will cost you left kidney and some more (read as they are super expensive).

    To be clear, rare crossbows will be cheaper and a lot more accessible upgrade for you. You will also see additional benefits of hitting harder with each shot--this is important for fast low MP farming--and it will work better with Inna's Favor elemental damage bonus. On the other hand, you will peak around 275k DPS with rare crossbows. Going further will require 2 socket Manticore with high DPS, which is extremely expensive upgrade, which most of people will never be able to afford. You will also want to grab Witching Hour belt along at that time, since you will move away from the physical damage crossbow.
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