Help me upgrade my demon hunter

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    So i've been playing monk for quite some time now, but i wanted to role a demon hunter aswell because it looked like fun, so i spended like 5m on him.
    Still, i only have around 60k unbuffed damage (without steady aim) and it's very low in my opinion.

    What am i doing wrong?

    Btw, my skills are just for farming very fast. but how about group skills? i tryed alot builds but i still deal low damage.

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    Your crit chance is low, definitely needs to go up. Same with your dex.

    Also, use the archery apssive - 50% additional crit damage will help, especially if you up your crit chance.
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    Alright thanks! So how much crit change should i aim for? should i also use the scoundrel for that? or stick with enchantress?
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    Regarding crit chance - as much as you can afford. I'd say a reasonable benchmark would be around 40%. Once you get above 40% you start getting into teh upper echelon of DH's.

    Unfortunately, 5m will only get you so far in the game, particularly in the EU servers as I understand it (where prices for items are higher than US andparticularly Asian servers).

    I see you've also gone heavy on Attack speed. Attack Speed suffers from diminishing returns - each additional point of attack speed will give you less dps boost than the point spent before it.

    So I'd trade in the atk spd/CC gloves for something with a little more CC and 35-40% CD (try to keep dex the same or increase it a little).

    You should also be able to get a much better amulet - something with around 8% CC and some good CD as well.

    Also on your helm, try and get some CC on there - even 3.5% will give you a good boost (not sure on price of helm with your current stats, socket and CC though).

    Those items stand out as possible cheap upgrades. Otherwise, upping your dps will start getting expensive.

    I like that you haven't sacrificed resists for DPS. That's a very wise strategy. Could do with a little more health - 40K is the benchmark I like to keep to - paragon leveling should help you get there.
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    Thanks for your response! Great info, i've took my monks belt for some more resist, but dropped resist on my helmet for 4.5% crit chance and more dex, got some new gloves (wich i found actually) and new neck with some loh on it, since it comes in handy sometimes. and some crit chance (chd was too expensive on it)
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    So guys i upgraded alot of things, but still under the 100k damage without steady aim.
    I need some help, found some nice ice climbers wich will sell for about 40m, then i have around 60m for upgrades.
    Is the Natalay's set worth it? or should i look for other items + a manticore with 2 sockets?

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    Next piece I'd upgrade is your bow (and its gem). Gem is something you'll keep regardless of upgrade, so is worth the cost.

    You can get an xbow with 1250-1300dps, 80% CD, socket and vitality for around 15mill on the US Servers.

    You should see a sizable jump in dps with an xbow of that sort...should get you close to 100K dps. Perhaps check on a dps calculator beforehand?

    Don't be stuck on just getting a manticore at this stage, they tend to carry an unncessary price premium compared to similarly specced rares.
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    Oh and Nat's set is great if you can get some good rolls - 7% crit chance set bonus goes a long way.

    Nat's set (2 or 3 piece) and inna's pants almost seem like prerequisites to hit high dps.

    However, these items are very expensive.

    To get a similarly specced nats chest to what you have right now (150 vit, resist all) will cost you a pretty penny.

    Just keep boosting your crit chance, crit dmg and actual dmg (i.e. weapon or + dmg) without sacrificing dex as best you can.

    Actually.....something I saw last night was mempos with around 200 dex, 9% atk speed and a socket (and 70 RA, 11% life) for about 6-8mil.. That should also give you a good dps (and ehp) boost.

    know this is contrary to the 'focus on CC' I've been saying up top. But this is the exception because it boosts your EP while also giving you a dps boost, which should then possibly allow you to get some cheaper inna's temperance (crit chance and atk speed, 2 socket pants).

    But I strongly recommend you now start using a dps calculator.
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    Thanks for responding, i will purchase a new crossbow like you stated when i sold my ice climbers, but i think its about 25-30m on eu servers.
    Also i bought a nice helm (my profile didn't update yet) Andriel's visage with socket, high dex, as and crit, wich increased my damage by about 7k.
    I will buy a new gem (I want the 100% one but that costs around 14m) when i have the money.
    Also, wich dps calculator do you recommend me?
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    Quote from Nteshy1353

    You can get an xbow with 1250-1300dps, 80% CD, socket and vitality for around 15mill on the US Servers.

    That would be like Christmas come early to Europe if it was true. If a crossbow has a socket and CHD on top, it is automaticaly in 100m price range. The same crossbows are on the AH for weeks, price only going down by a fraction but never below 80m.

    I paid for my 1435 DPS crossbow with a socket, 2.8% life steal and 195 vitality, 31 mil. and it was still one of the better deals I could find on EU AH (it also took me nearly a week to find suitable weapon, which I wanted to spend my money on).

    I would definitely look for a weapon with life steal at 2.5% or more. I had a 2.4% life steal on previous weapon but I could feel the difference when I switched to 2.8% one. It seems only small increase but the effect is pretty significant.
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    So i purchase a new weapon it's a manticore but it was the best in it's price range, gave me almost 10k damage for 18mill, wich was a fair deal to me. Also purcashed a 100% crit socket as suggested above, wich also boosted me for about 4k.
    I have 20m left, any other suggestions?
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    Hello guys, i purchased a Natalya┬┤s Embrace and Bloody footprints for about 20m, kinda good stats (nothing special tho) and boosted me for 13k damage.
    What should i upgrade next?
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    Are you using sharpshooter? its reallly helpful
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    Isn't sharpshooter kind of a paper DPS help? I only have 37% CC right now but I feel like I have a critical hit almost every second. Does it really help out that much?
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    I'd skip sharpshooter and do the following changes:

    Your unity ring. I'd aim for something with Dex/Average dmg/CC/CHD

    I'd replace your Lacunis and switch your IAS with CC

    I can't see a second ring but yeah, aim for Dex/Average dmg/CC/CHD

    Use a spreadsheet to see if it's an upgrade (or use the link in chat trick to compare the new item in-game).
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    You MUST get a 100% crit gem for your weapon. Get that ASAP!!!!
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