Inna's Pants Check!

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    Hey Guys,

    i got a little problem, just found some awesome Inna's Pants with massive Vitality, but i dont know wheter i should keep them or sell them and upgrade other stuff on my gear!

    Some good advice would be very nice! :)

    Here is the link to my gear, it's actually my speedfarm gear, screenshot of the Pants is attached:

    • Inna's
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    If you need the vitality - and dont want the MF, by all means, use them.

    But from what i know, DH's want AR on inna pants.

    Purely farming wise, untill you hit para100, i would stick with the MF pants though :)
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    Depends on if you need 70-100 million gold or not :).
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    well, actually the question is if i should stick to those pants or get some other upgrades for the ~80m gold ^^
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    Well, sell the pants, save the gold, accumulate alot, when you hit 100, buy in big.

    Or, if you want upgrades for along the way, you could also do that, but with 120k dps, which is totally fine for cruising through mp0/1 - i would say that it's a waste, but that's just me maybe :)

    A little something you maybe could use, is a bit more AR to go with your healthpool, but dunno :)
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    Quote from Laserbabz

    But from what i know, DH's want AR on inna pants.

    Question is why. Primary Vitality can spawn only on Chests, Pants, Quiver, Amulets and Xbows. If you go for Primary Vit on Chest, Pants and Quiver you can basically skip Vitality on other items and look out for resistances there. Effective hp wise these pants probably are better than 80 allres Innas on almost every setup.

    If I put OPs account into an eHP calc, his 188 vit Innas are better than 80 allres Innas. Considering that he only got 174 allres it should be pretty simple to get allres somewhere else (even at the expense of vit on other gear slots).

    From a defensive PoV these are pretty much end game Innas.
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    sell them on RMAH, with all the bots banned, tons of people are going to be buying back in ;)
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    I bought a pair of Inna's yesterday but went with the +377 armor.
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    hey guys, thank you all for the support :)

    i know my AR is way too low but i just changed from Depth Diggers and a rare belt, both with 79 AR to Inna's set because i got this new weapon with normal damage instead of a manticore so i can benefit from the 8% holy dmg

    i guess i'm going to sell those Inna's and look for some more AR on the rest of my gear
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    Truth is these pants will not help you kill faster. However, these are pretty much end-game Inna's pants as long as you maintain 2P bonus, there will be very few rolls that can beat it for DH. I fully second LordPoekel's statement.

    Gold is losing value very fast, items retain the value much better. Unless you want to buy an immediate upgrade,I would not sell those pants.
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    Playing with low all res and 30 max disc must be a pain in the ass...Srsly i would get rid of some dex(dps) and get a better quiver and chest.

    And like already said by a few people: Keep those pants and dont sell em in a rush just for 1 or 2 sidegrades...
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