Need help with Demon Hunter Cinderstrafe spec.

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    Hello, I'm quite new to the Cinderstrafe spec, when I look at ZiggyD's method, he's rolling through regular mobs and elites without dying or losing much health at all. Could someone please enlighten me on which stat/gear I am lacking to be efficient?

    I have a Manticore, dead mans legacy the whole 9 yards. But I must be missing something, because my hatred and discipline regeneration is no where near his, in spite the fact that we have the same DPS. Please add me on Diablo 3 if you know what's wrong battle tag Jamell#1106. I would highly appreciate it, thank you. Sitting on 150m gold right now just in case I have to do a lot of gear balancing.

    Thank you DiabloFans =)
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    Low crit chance, and low discipline pool. You have bracers, helm, and gloves with no CC on them, which is gimping your discipline return from nightstalker, and your cloak and quiver do not have discipline on them. I would suggest trying the build with a calamity instead, it has hatred regen on it, you get 10% extra cc, and if you are farming on mp0-1 you are probably overkilling with that manticore anyways, it would be better to have a fast attack speed weapon, plus faster attack speed means more crits per second, and therefore more discipline returned from nightstalker.

    PS why does your enchantress have a 1500dps skorn? sell that so u can get some upgrades lol.
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    Im not sure what's cinderstrafe build but i assume it has something to do trail of cinder + strafe. I dont use vault at all bur strafe with demolition rune because it crits many targets so get full disc in seconds. Im pretty new to this build also and finally managed to get it working. Super fun build! :P

    I have 39disc and a manticore and have no trouble facerolling act3 mp0 with my dh. I have tried to get rid of attack speed because it burns my hatred faster. Lots of crit chance + crit dmg + strafe crit chance on cloak. I use shadow power - shadow glide so i can run fast all the time and i can keep it on almost all the time without even using evocation.. sometimes need to use tho.

    Here's my dh:

    Need to get some gear tho so i can kill stuff faster.
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