Need advice from seasoned players!

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    Hey all,

    So I'm looking for some advice of what I need to do/upgrade if I was want to be able to play on MP5 with reletive ease. I can currently do MP3 with pretty much zero effort and MP4 whilst trying. But I'd really love to be able to cruise through MP5. I feel in my current I do get completely crushed against some packs and just don't have the burst/damage I'd like to. I don't think my gear is particually bad although it's clearly missing some key things.

    Below is the link my charecters page:

    Feel free to suggest what pieces I should change out and what stats I should adjust. Also I'm open to spec suggestions although I'm quite comfortable playing this standard build. although I'm sure it takes something slightly more interesting for higher MP difficultys.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The link to your profile doesn't work.
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    Sorry. fixed, not sure why it din't work the first time.
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    With your gear and skill set up I don't see how you can't clear MP5 with a breeze.
    Only think I would consider to change is your +21% fire damage taken helm, and also consider bola shot + spike trap (echoning blast) combination, since ball lightning really lacks in the burst department, and you need burst damage for health return with shadow power in the later MP.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah it's not like I'm unable to do mp5 it's just when I do I really do just my ass handed to me by certain packs.

    Which rune for Bola Shot should I use?
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    Quote from iJimmy

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah it's not like I'm unable to do mp5 it's just when I do I really do just my ass handed to me by certain packs.

    Which rune for Bola Shot should I use?

    Depending on your playstyle, if you want to have better aoe damage, choose first rune, if you want additional survivability, choose either the one return disc, or provide 1.5 second stun. All you need to do is stand stationary and tank everything while maintain shadow power and place trap under mobs, with bola shot fit between the gap.

    Edit: I generally prefer 1.5 second stun since the proc on elite mob allows me to place traps more accurately and smooth out the initial spike damage taken, since both spike trap and bola shot has delay in damage.
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    i'm a bit confused here.. when i look at your gear, seems okay, but then when i see your dps, it's below 200..

    my unbuffed DPS is 240k. with steady aim and archery it's 320. there are a lot of people in these forums that have better gear than me, that said though, i must be doing something right.. so let me point out some things in the gear you can improve on.

    Manticore - I can see it has 2 sockets and quite some nice vit, but if you need to load up on damage, you need to upgrade this. I checked it out in my stat sheet and my single socket manticore with base damage above 1300 has 28k more damage. this is quite big.. not to mention, cheaper than 2 socket manticores. give it a try

    overall in your gear, i find you have too much aspd. an amulet with high dex, 9-10cc and 90-100cd will outperform yours quite a lot.

    i wouldn't suggest using bola shot in mp5 though. i'd rather use hungering arrow - spray of teeth. i find your CC to be quite low. you're sporting a 2 socket manticore to get high CD but you lack a lot of CC. I'd suggest you get it close to 60 or more if possible. here's my profile:

    i think it's currently showing my uber run setup sporting SoJ instead of my usual ring. regardless, just for reference,
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    ^damn that's a nice ammy.
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    Quote from tychoblu

    ^damn that's a nice ammy.

    why thank you sir :) I'm actually selling it as i was able to snipe a slightly better one for way cheaper in the AH before maintenance :)
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    If you can afford it, find some Lacuni bracers with CC. Basically what everyone else has said too, higher damage manticore, more crit chance. I personally think your Dex could be better, but meh. What mobs are you having a hard time with? I find that when I use a similar setup, I have a lot of problems with Fire Chains, Mortar, and Molten/Desecrator to a certain extent, and that's all because of the helmet. What is your RA? If you are using boar companion, I'm guessing its low? Otherwise I'm not sure why you wouldn't be using the Bat instead. You might try sharpshooter instead of perfectionist... a lot of people dog on it, but it's a free 3-9% crit most of the time and it's a 100% crit the first time you come to a pack.
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    With bore and perfectionist I'm at abour 480 ra on average. I've seen people use lower and have zero problems against any pack. But for me I find it's mostly mobs that root me/reflect damage. I do think I'm quite poor at using my disc as well. I've got about 100m to spend, so if you have any suggestions on what I should prioritse first, I'm open to them,
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    100m? go for a trifecta ring. i think changing your yellow one should result in a huge upgrade. if you'd still like a balance of offense/defense, go for dex+CC+CD+AR with optional average damage. use the spread sheet too. sometimes ones with ~70 dex with a socket are underpriced but that socket can get you 50+dex for offense or 50+vit for defense. also, you've got 60 levels to go.. before upgrading your ring, i'd suggest trying to get a good hellfire one. also, if you do get a ring, try to get one that beats your nats ring even with the bonus 130 dex. if you could do that, not only will you have upgraded your gear, you could sell your nats ring for quite a bit, use a hellfire ring on the other hand, and almost breakeven with the money you get from the nats. I just feel that 3 piece 130 dex can be taken from inna's set while 20 disc is overrated. at high CC and nightstalker, you pretty much have perma gloom.
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    I would replace the belt with a dex+vit inna belt, replace the yellow ring with another one that has crit chance, then try to find either low fire damage Andariel or a dex mempo.
    You should have 0 problem when dealing with reflect elite packs, simply refresh shadow power before it expires and always pop shadow power before you initiate the attack, life regen provided by shadow power should be way more than the damage you get from reflect.

    In terms of disc, 47 is a healthy amount that shall be able to get you through every elite packs, if you find yourself constantly starve for more disc, you are either using too much vault or refreshing shadow power too early. If you are planning to do higher MP, vault is a luxury skill. Check my build at the profile (in my signature below) if you need reference.
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    Thanks for all the great advice so far guys, it's been very imformative. Yeh I probably do vault around just for speed a little to much in the higher MP's and also I'm probably abit careless with shadow power so I'll try to improve on those.

    So how much crit chance should I really be aiming for?
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    Quote from Ameko

    I would replace the belt with a dex+vit inna belt, replace the yellow ring with another one that has crit chance, then try to find either low fire damage Andariel or a dex mempo.

    hear me out a sec.. my thoughts in this is:
    inna's belt with AR
    inna's pants with high vit

    because pants can roll much higher vit, so i'd rather invest on the pants with high vit and invest on a belt with high AR to balance things out - rather than get vit on the belt because it doesn't go very high. if you search the AH, it'll be quite tough to get any inna's belt with over 100 vit - so for defense' sake, just get one with high AR - not to mention your current witching hour has AR and losing that would be quite significant.

    Quote from iJimmy

    So how much crit chance should I really be aiming for?

    as high as you can.. personally, i wouldn't go below 55.. it's not as high as it sounds given you have the natalya's 2 piece set. seeing as you already have a 2 socket manticore, i'd sacrifice a little bit of cd for cc to make it count. also i'd be willing to sacrifice some of your ias for cc/dex instead.

    i noticed you use EL-BL on your build.. i know it depends on playstyle too but give cluster arrow cluster bombs a shot.. you don't need to spam it like BL because everyone just dies.
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    Hey I will probably make some enemies here but I think Manticore is overrated.
    Try to look for a good crossbow with some CD and a socket, and a high DPS (if you can get Dexterity it is even better).
    Also you should upgrade your bracers as they seem to be much less valuable than the other pieces. Same for your chest.
    Also a good mempo without CC is still better than Andariel's visage but it will cost around 20 millions.
    I totally agree with Robb_Stark about the stats you want to find on the Inna's belt and legs.
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