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    I was extensively testing this suggested route (havent changed the skill setup as my gear wont allow it) over this week. I usually clear also Arreat Crater 1, Keep 1 & 3 and Stonefort for Key Warden.

    I must say it is amazing! Im nowhere near 50m EXP/hour ratio but it is still remarkably faster and provide great loot.

    Saturday was just a few runs to measure how effective I am--I can get 22 to 25m EXP/hour on MP2. This time includes everything, identifying rares, teleporting and occasional deaths. I only have Perfect Star Ruby (+29% exp), no rings.
    Sunday was absolute blast in terms of drops. Since this route is going through highly populated areas, you are bound to find few legendary drops. I run with 350MF fully stacked (MP2). I found 3 set items (even found Nat's ring albeit low roll) and 7 or 8 legendary items, of which usable were Mempo of Twilight (DEX), Stongram bracers (INT) and decent Sever. It felt amazing when I was able to find 1 set and 2 legendary items in a single run (takes me about 30 minutes).
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    I go back and forth between farming keys at MP5 and doing full act 3 clears at MP3. I kill stuff quick enough to make MP3 really fast and painless, and I completely agree with the OP that high kill speed and as few time wasting deaths as possible are key to farming XP/legendaries. Have not tried Tactician since a while, will give it another go.
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    Tried this route, fantastic! Thanks!
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    This route is awesome, but im running it on mp0 at the moment, i can clear it really fast + Some legendary and set drops :)
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    One thing i ask myself: Do you guys pick up all the yellow items? Is there a way to get notified of legendaries, apart from the minimap ping (which doesnt even always work as fellow streamer moldran discovered)? Because when you are rushing, there is a lot you could miss, right?
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    It is virtually impossible to miss legendary drop now with the added sound and visual effects (map ping and the column of light). It can be an issue for barbarian who is sprinting around the map but DH has very little means of killing stuff outside of visual range (screen) - the only one is sentry but that should be super rare case.

    I currently pick all rares but Im more and more thinking I wont be picking up follower specific items and shields. These 2 type of items are either useless or do not sell at all on AH. Im still not decided because it does not take too long to identify full inventory of rares. i usually have to clear my inventory twice during farming the route described in OP (the extended one).
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    just wanted to share my build because i used almost exactly the one the OP uses up until a couple of days ago. now i switched to this, and i'm totally happy with it.

    the only difference: multishot + suppression fire instead of night stalker, which frees up the passive for a dps skill. i'm using steady aim. since i use tactical advantage as well the vault rune is trail of cinders over tumble (it's kind of a waste with TA imo).

    i thought it's worth sharing because although i'm geared alright (around 160k dps without SS or archery), the OP is geared rather on the high end and able to one shot mobs on low mp lvls even without a dps passive and generate enough discipline to keep a high speed.

    the build i use works great for people who need some more dps from steady aim or archery to clear trash mobs more quickly while at the same time manage the discipline in a way that higher dps doesn't mean slower map clear speed.

    the playstyle is easy and very convenient: vault and run around (tactical advantage is a must), as soon as there's a mob fire 2 rounds of multishot, and "bam" discipline's up again. enough hatred left to spam a bit elemental arrow. health globes will drop, so a couple of steps into corpse land brings the hatred up again (i consider vengeance also a must, that's why i went with multishot instead of night stalker in the first place). from my experience also the disc pool always has enough for gloom in the tank when an elite mob appears (no one-shotting yourself in case of damage reflection).

    MOST IMPORTANT TIP to people having trouble farming with the DH: play where you one-shot stuff/kill it the quickest. if that's mp0, do the farming there. legendary drops are dependent on kill speed and mp0 is great for that. go to higher mp lvls only if you do it EXACTLY as quickly. also picking up all the non ilvl 63 items on higher mp lvls costs time and honestly isn't worth it most of the time.
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    thanks for the guide. love tumbling around with my DH
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    I am a paragon lv25 DH
    I struggle to get legendaries in highnumbres are mostof you guys do
    I know my MF is low, but what should be the target and do you have any proposals for my current gear? (I love my 80k life though)
    I cant afford much atm I have 10m extra
    What is the MF i should have as minimum for efficient item farming?
    Thanks for your help
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