Have you used this grenade build?

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    I was recently turned on to this build by a player I met while playing.

    Basically it's this.
    1. Grenades - stun or more dmg
    2. spike trap - whichever you like
    3. guardian turret
    4. smoke screen
    5. gloom
    6. prep
    7. night stalker
    8. numbing traps
    9. archery if you need it or whatever else

    Gear aims for high crit and using a 1h hand xbow with quiver. I bought a cheap Danetta's and it actually worked pretty well, but I just had to get used to it because all I've been playing is hungering/elemental or cluster for the longest time. I was just wondering how many of you have tried this build, how many use it regularly, and what you think about the build compared to the standard builds.
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    This build is made for fun, xp farming, loot farming? In terms of xp farming im pretty sure it just cant compete with the standard ea/bl or multishot builds.
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    I've run a similar build (if fact i think i'm using it right now). With a Spike trap SoJ, the traps do HUGE damage with the pulsing trap (forget the name). Just keep dropping traps and spamming nades. In fact, with a good high dps xbow, it works even better with HA. Pop gloom, spam traps, mobs melt. I dont bother with turret, since most mobs are done before I could even get one down.

    Problems are, fast moving mobs that flee, shielding, and not seeing reflect until you've dropped the 3rd trap. Popping gloom after the traps are down is BAAAD! since they dont give LL.

    Traps are awesome in A2 for key farming. Invisible snakes explode as soon as they pop!

    It's no good for alkaizer, but would probably be good for a high MP build.

    Try out:
    HA - Devouring
    Spike Trap - echoing blast
    *free spot* (i like bats for regen)


    You can drop 6+ traps in 1 gloom, which is 6x3x275% = 4950% wep damage in just over 5 seconds. To everything in 8 yds!
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    I use it for high MP because I do not have enough dps for high MP with 2h xbow w/ hungering cluster/ball lightning. Only have 150k dps in the hungering setup.
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    This type of build is good for farming keys. I use this version and tank everything. I just use HA for killing gobs and wardens. You don't even need prep because grenades crit so much. I have 220k dps and use manticore. I do mp 5 or 6 because i'm still fairly squishy. I use a chest armor with spike trap bonus and a HA quiver.
    • dh tank
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    what u have is a hybrid grenade/trap spec tho =)-, "pure" grenade spec should have cluster arrow instead of spike trap and... grenadier passive =D

    depending on ur crit chance u might be able to drop prep, but then again u kinda need to take cluster grenade rune.

    anyway i use grenade spec for a2 key farming, with cluster grenades and dazzling arrow. since the warden has missle dampening, it will get hit by all 3 grenades and all grenades spawned by cluster arrow. overall this spec is good for sustained aoe dmg (e.g. on mp6+), ok for general use, and sucks in an amazing way vs goblins xD
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    Yes, it does suck for goblins. But I tried stun grenades yesterday and it made things VERY interesting. I can see how you could perma stun mobs with 3-4 DH's using the build.
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    Quote from nights

    what u have is a hybrid grenade/trap spec tho =)-, "pure" grenade spec should have cluster arrow instead of spike trap and... grenadier passive =D

    I think he's going for more of a tank spec where spike trap would be way more powerful than cluster arrow at a very small hatred cost. The only other hatred cost is for turret which is also minimal so grenadier isn't needed. I made a short video of this build it's way better to just see it in action. Please check it out. youtube.com/watch?v=c8IhWmhTLA4&list=HL1354557276&feature=mh_lolz
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    i know, but spike trap in OPs case is more of a hatred dump for dmg, since grenades already proc numbing traps. i played different variants of facetank/facekite specs, the "grenadier" version uses cluster grenades + mortal enemy + dazzling arrow with grenadier passive, with this setup i can get off a cluster arrow every 3 or 4 attacks, overall mitigation is lower than with numbing traps+guardian turret but the monsters are stunned on regular intervals (or in case of act 2 wardens, whenever its not spinning =D).
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    I use this spec on my DH http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#USgkhe!hfX!cYYabc

    got bored with the Cluster and Hungering so i dropped a few hundred K and made a tank DH...

    Mainly goofing off on it but i have been able to do MP6 with it no problem, MP10 i can live but it takes forever and a day to kill anything lol
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