My Fresh Demon Hunter since 1st of november

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    So i dinged 60 lvl 1st of november and i checked the action house for items i spend around 500,000 gold for all my stuff i have Natalya's Slayer and Calamity as my Dual wield set can you give me some pointers on how to gear myself for paragon lvling and stuff ? and is my spec good?
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    Well depending what you want your demon hunter to do will change how you gear. myself i go for as much dps as possible, so i aim for crit / crit dmg, IAS, and the most dex i can muster up. Also 24% movement speed is a must!! if you can get higher awesome. EHP and res isnt such a huge deal for DH's IMO because we just rock Gloom the whole time anyways, I try to keep my HP about 35k so things dont 1 shot you.
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